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Fleet managers beware a perfect storm is brewing

Fleet managers will notice the weather outside is stabilising towards February’s typically grey, damp conditions. But don’t be fooled, there’s a perfect storm brewing in the crash repair market.

Independent research company Trend Tracker predicts repair costs will continue to increase over the next five years.

Its report UK Car Body Repair Market predicts cost will grow by 14%, from £4.75 billion now to £5.43bn in 2023.

Meanwhile, the volume demand for repairs has declined slightly over the past five years. It has fallen from 4.39billion repairs in 2012 to 4.31bn in 2017 and it is expected to remain at this level, given a minor tolerance on the 4.31bn repairs, through to 2023.

The reason for this decline is that vehicles have become a lot safer with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Which is a good thing for fleet managers looking to cut the costs of accident repairs -right?

Wrong. The National Body Repairer Association (NBRA) highlights a more exacerbating problem: a shortage of ‘technical skills’ required to repair the prospering numbers of hi-specification cars.

Trend Tracker is highlighting this problem within their report via a survey of bodyshop owners/ managers. It reports that more than 35% of respondents (bodyshop owners/managers) in its survey stated they view “the skills crisis as their main concern – their greatest threat – as modern vehicles have become ever-more complex to repair”.

Moreover, this week, Fleet News reports that the state of the crash repair market is a concern for motor insurers “giving them a slight decline in available bodyshop repair capacity and a constant demand for repairs”.

Mark Bull, director of Trend Tracker and Auto Body Projects concluded: “Following our extensive in-depth research, we say this with a large degree of confidence as ‘unsustainable labour rates’ and ‘bottom-line discounts’ also remain a significant concern for bodyshop owner/managers, who strive to invest in their staff, facilities, equipment and training to meet future demands.”

Well, we already know for whom the perfect storm will rain over: it’s fleet managers. The crash repair market situation is due to insurers not being able to affect a better market rate and bodyshops gaining greater negotiating leverage around standards.

fleet managers can navigate a bureaucracy of papers with My Fleet Hub

Fleet managers can navigate the storm of bureaucracy 

Let Fuel Card Services help fleet managers. We already get it right on the cost of fuel cards for organisations, and our position within the motoring industry means we have partnerships with the best fleet service providers, which we pass on to you.

Introducing My Fleet Solutions: a range of services that are free for fleet managers to register. For example, FCS Insurance Solutions. We have experts who can negotiate significant discounts and introduce dedicated quotes for all vehicle cover probabilities. These include mixed fleet insurance, HGV specialised insurance, employer’s liability insurance, product and public liability insurance and goods in transit. This is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA licence number 759713).

Claim management support for fleet managers

There are other services too through My Fleet Solutions mainly when a company vehicle is involved in a crash, and the obvious costs are just the tip of the iceberg. The actual cost of a collision involves the invisible, as well as the visible repair and insurance excess. These invisible costs include losing key personnel to injury or ill-health, loss of business, potential loss of reputation and the expense of hiring replacement vehicles while company cars or vans are off the road.

My Fleet Solutions suggests an insurance claim management service. Register your vehicles for free, and when an accident occurs, the professionals will step in on your behalf to claim and manage the insurance process and recover losses. This service takes away the strain and gives you the incredible reassurance. Our experts will handle the first notification of loss (FNOL), to ensure accurate insurance claims reporting. Distressed drivers can access a ready-to-respond accredited helpdesk for support. Moreover, a network of courtesy cars to keep your vehicles moving. Expertise to inspect, instruct and approve nominated or independent repairers.

Fleet managers can register with My Fleet Solutions for free. Once the details of your vehicle are in place, you’ll have access to My Service Expert. This is a nationwide garage network offering fleet managers significant savings on servicing, maintenance, repairs and MOTs.

A new online portal for fleet managers

My Fleet Hub is a one-stop web portal making fleet management easier with cost-saving services. My Fleet Hub allows you to manage your fuel card account 24/7, keeping the same functions as the eservices account you may be familiar with, but with improved security, speed and ease of use. Also, you will have access to a range of fleet and business services designed to help you and your business.

My Fleet Hub has automated features like service reminders, schedule important reporting and ensures drivers are driving properly. More importantly, keep on top of fuel prices.

My Fleet Hub gives you 24/7 access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services.

Take a closer look at My Fleet Hub now. You’ve nothing to lose except the cost and hassle of not using it!

For full details call your Fuel Card Services account manager or 0333 130 8845.

Fuel Card Services in the Apple News app

At the swipe of a finger or a click of mouse, information is everywhere. Sometimes though, our screens are crowded with icons, and switching between websites and apps, to find stories that matter, can be so time-consuming, frustrating, or both.

Have you tried the Apple News app? It’s a go-to, virtual news stand’ that you can customise to find stories that you are really interested in, and from sources you really trust. That’s why Fuel Card Services now posts its latest features onto the Apple’s News app.

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driving at night

Darker evenings spell danger for fleet drivers

The clock change brings with it a number of challenging driving conditions such as reduced daylight and the onset of rainy and wet conditions and pushes up the risk of accident incidences by over a third across the UK on the ‘home time’ commute following the clock change.

Here are some top tips for safer driving in the dark 

  • Reduce your speed, understand the limitations of your vision and plan ahead. The limit of your vision at night is often limit of your headlight beam which is where you must be able to stop
  • Don’t dazzle other drivers: keep your lights clean and turn your headlights on before sunset. Keep your interior light off and avoid leaving your main beams on
  • Keep your windshield clean to avoid increased glare
  • Slow down: reduce speed to correspond to the amount of water on the road, as heavy rainfall leaves roads wet and slippery which reduces tyre grip and increases the risk of skidding – even for careful drivers
  • Avoid hard braking and turning sharply for better control of the vehicle and to avoid wheel locking
  • Hang back: allow ample stopping distance between the cars in front as stopping distances are doubled on wet roads. Motorists should be at least four seconds behind the car in front; ten seconds when driving on icy road surfaces.
  • If you’re travelling through a rural area at night, it’s possible for a herd of deer to cross the road, so those signs warning you of wild animals you’ll have previously passed will suddenly make sense.

However much you prepare your drivers with solid training, sometimes, it is always someone or something else on the road that could cause an accident.

My Fleet Solutions is here to step in, right from the very first minute, to minimise downtime and reduce costs. there are so many aspects associated with road traffic accidents that are almost impossible to manage in-house. We have a great partnership with Amber Claims Management, a dedicated provider of insurance claim management,

From removing the vehicle and finding a repairer to handling the claims process and recovering uninsured losses, our fleet accident management company will resolve all associated aspects of an incident.

More importantly, they will be with you and your driver, right from the time the accident happens.
There are dedicated service centre agents who are trained to deal with distressed drivers. They can spend the right amount of time on the phone with each driver to accurately capture incident detail, assess liability, and to understand potential indemnity restrictions, whilst providing reassurances following nasty accidents.

For example, your service agents can help your driver get the right information, such as knowing about road markings, damage to all vehicles, the third-party driver, if they seem suspicious, number plates, the positioning of the vehicles, tyre/skid marks and signposts. Is the vehicle still driveable?

As you can see, just from these suggestions above, that there are huge, reassuring benefits in having an accident management company on hand to deal with any incidents or accidents. Amber Claims Management will handle the first notification of loss, to ensure accurate insurance claims reporting. There is an accredited helpdesk primed to support distressed drivers. A network of courtesy cars to keep your fleet moving. Expertise to inspect, instruct and approve nominated or independent repairers.

By choosing My Fleet Solutions, you get preferential benefits to claim and manage the insurance process and recover losses, and you will have the incredible reassurance that incidents and accidents will not have a major impact on your business or fleet.

Visit www.myfleetsolutions.co.uk

Fuel Card Services can save on fuel

Fuel Your Fleet With Fuel Card Services

At My Fleet Solutions, we have ensured there are so many ways to save on day-to-day tasks, such as confirming insurance and MOT validity, to long-term planning on your next vehicle. We have not mentioned what our parent company, Fuel Card Services. can do. You can enjoy significant cost and time savings with any of our fuel cards, that can be used on fuel from BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, or any filling station brand near to your premise.

If you need to cut your diesel or petrol costs, Fuel Card Services has the answer – and there are many more ways that we can help you. Offering a choice of fuel cards to help you control your fuel costs is just the start

With years of experience in serving every type of industrial and commercial fleet, including the public sector, Fuel Card Services understands your concerns. We know the challenges you face every day. Whether you run two vehicles or two thousand, we are ready to help with the issues that matter

Bring your fleet services questions, from improving driver safety to HMRC compliance, to Fuel Card Services we have built an unbeatable range of services to meet your specific vehicle management needs. We know what to do and are ready to help. Whatever you choose from our unbeatable fuel cards range, you can complement it with equally valuable additional services. You can be assured of our renowned, ISO certified quality in meeting your specific needs.

Fuel Card Services is part of The DCC Group, a FTSE 100 company, giving clients the confidence of dealing with an innovative market leader backed by the credibility of a large, well-established corporate.

At My Fleet Solutions, you can count on Fuel Card Services for industry leading personal service and incredible fuel discounts.


Fleet Management Solutions at My Fleet Solutions

Help with all your vehicle needs

Making sure you are not paying over the odds for vehicle management is the aim of the team at My Fleet Solutions. Our years of experience and industry knowledge means that we can save you time, hassle and unnecessary expense through our extensive contacts and industry knowledge.

From the fuel you put in the car, to service and fixing the vehicle, My Fleet Solutions has the right answer to fit your vehicle management needs. The maintenance support doesn’t end there, we can take care of sourcing the right vehicle insurance, telematics system and the most comprehensive accident management support in the industry. If your vehicles need it, the answer is at My Fleet Solutions.

Saving on My Fleet Fuel

Our Fuel Card Services offers fuel discounts and the ability to make significant management savings. You benefit from fixed weekly pricing, which is a considerable weight taken off both your drivers and accounts department, giving you full control of fuel costs.

Keeping track on My Fleet’s journey

Did you know that using telematics improves safety, efficiency and saves you money on your fleet? We offer our own telematics service, Tele-Gence, an even better fleet solution, integrating fuel card data with telematics. Having access to fuel card data and live tracking data enables in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more, giving you a solution geared to your exact fleet requirements.

Servicing on My Fleet’s Maintenance

Keeping cars, vans and business vehicles on the road is expensive, there’s no getting away from it. Let us source you the very best deals on servicing and maintenance for all makes and models. Auto Serve has a network of manufacturer approved dealers ready to assist with fleet servicing, maintenance and repairs.  And, because of our partnership, My Fleet Solutions takes the sting out of your automotive costs,

Covering My Fleet’s Insurance

Our team at FCS Insurance Solutions specialise in commercial vehicle and business insurance, so whether you require cover for one vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles, need goods in transit cover or employers’ liability, one of our members can help achieve the best deal for you.

Accident Managing My Fleet

Let our accident management experts, Amber Claims Management, guide you through all your options in the event of an accident involving an insurance claim be it your driver’s fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs.

So, if you’re looking for the best deals for your fleet, and a stress-free working day, there is only one place to find everything: My Fleet Solutions.