How to make sure your drivers are fully driver compliant

Driver compliance is critical for any industry. Hiring good drivers is clearly a critical task for your organisation, so how do you go about that?

Transport managers may play a key role here. Many will have been drivers themselves before moving into a managerial role. If that is not the case in your organisation then it may be a good idea to ask one of your trusted drivers to sit in on the interviews. Adding that extra layer of practical knowledge to the process can only result in better hires.

Adding a second interview to the recruitment process can be invaluable. Make this a practical examination, ensuring that the driver understands the vehicle they will be operating. A driving test showing that they can operate the vehicle efficiently will provide additional insightm, as will testing to confirm that they know how to attach air lines, hook a trailer including doubles and triples and a converter dolly, for example.

Driver CPC checks

You will want to run a Certificate of Professional Competence check as soon as possible on any potential new driver. Passing four tests means they will have this certificate.

The driver should be willing to enable a potential employer to view their record. The CPC qualification lasts for five years, but drivers must undertake 35 hours of training over this period prior to the deadline. A fine of up to £1,000 can apply if the certificate is out of date.

Wider checks

In addition to CPC and appropriate driver licensing, some sectors may require a police DBS check and, in all cases, the right to work in the UK must be confirmed.

In-role compliance

Driver seat belt

It is common practice in larger fleets for newly employed drivers to be checked by experienced staff or transport managers. This may involve spot checks, carried out by accompanying the new employee on part of a run or observing pre-journey checks. An additional check after a few weeks of employment may include the transport manager following the driver on part of their route. Clearly, this must be a spot check and the driver should not be informed of this prior to the journey.

At the end of the first three months of employment, it may be advisable to carry out a feedback interview with the driver, from which both sides may benefit.

Most transport managers are aware of the importance of compliance. There are legal requirements and the issue of safety. Failures in driver compliance are simply too great a risk to take. With digital tachographs, the driving record of any vehicle is strictly monitored. All commercial vehicles registered after 1 May 2006 must be fitted with a digital device, although vehicles registered prior to that date can still use an analogue system. It is unlikely that the latter will apply to fleet vehicles in 2019 as they will almost invariably have been replaced.

Issues such as driver breaks are monitored to the second and the consequences of any breach can be severe, with drivers flouting the rules and keeping poor records running the risk of losing their licence with an adverse effect on the firm as a whole.

It is vital that drivers are adhering to the highest standards of safety and compliance. An efficient fleet is heavily dependent on driver education, responsibility for which almost invariably falls to the transport manager.

Protect your driver’s compliance

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Legislation Blue shirted lady in a warehouse surrounded by box looking at the computer screen

Legislation changes to affect insurance policies

This year is shaping up to be quite an intense one for fleet owners from a legislative perspective. Here is our guide to the significant policy changes and legislation you should be aware of, and how it could affect the choice of insurance for your fleet.

Legislation clean air strategies

Legislation for a clean air strategy

On Monday 8 April 2019, central London will become the first ever ULEZ (Ultra-Low-Emission Zone). Vehicles driving through the currently designated Congestion Zone will now have to meet the newest emissions standards or face paying an additional fee.

Petrol vans and cars which do not meet the Euro 4 emissions standards, and types of diesel which do not meet the Euro 6, will pay a £12.50 daily fee, on top of the current Congestion Charge fees. Pre-Euro VI HGVs must pay a higher price of £100 per day.

The ULEZ fees will take the place of the T-charge of £10 a day, which was introduced in October 2017. It is expected that entry charges will impact van fleets, so van operators must keep up-to-date with these legislative changes.

In 2017, the Air Quality Plan ordered 29 local authorities across England to introduce new legislation which would combat air pollution. With London already pushing ahead, cities such as Birmingham, Southampton, Derby, Leeds and Nottingham are required to introduce Clean Air Zones by the end of 2019. The remaining 23 regions must have plans ready at the end of 2019.

Also, the measures will include higher charges for the worst polluting vehicles, in a similar way to London’s ULEZ. However, the Government has clarified that charges will be introduced as a last resort.

In addition to selecting low emissions vehicles for your fleet, ensure that you use an insurance provider which rewards companies which implement green policies. This attention can not only help your business to save money through fees and taxes but also through reducing the cost of your insurance premiums.

Insurance man in depot

Emissions tests

With the introduction of WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) and RDE (Real Driving Emissions) tests in September 2017. This new scheme has raised Co2 emissions figures by around 20 per cent.

Moreover, from September 2018, newly registered vehicles must undergo the WLTP, with the tests to include the RDE from 2019.

For many years, the tax regime on vehicles has indicated that low emissions will be a central tenet in future transport. By taking into consideration fuel use, fuel economy and emissions, you can reduce costs and minimise your environmental impact. Most organisations have already begun to focus on carbon emissions as a result of taxation policy.

Insurers are likely to focus on rewarding fleets with lower emissions, conversely penalising those who do not make an effort to address this critical issue.

Insurance smart tachographs

Legislation for smart tachographs

From June 2019, all new coaches or HGVs must be fitted with a ‘smart’ tachograph. This will reduce administrative burden and make fraud more difficult.

Tachographs link to a global satellite navigation system. This allows them to record more accurate and detailed data on the rest periods and driving times of drivers. Traffic enforcement offers will also have access to the data from tachographs remotely. This allows them to identify which vehicles to stop for checks.

Moreover, Fleet insurers offer a discount upfront on the basis of driver behaviour technology. Others will reduce premiums once you have assimilated driver data. This will show that your accident rate has lowered, and driver behaviour has improved.

Ultimately, you will need to select a fleet insurer which rewards safe, responsible fleet selection, management and driving behaviours.

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A smiling fleet managers facing camera holding an umbrella outside a glass fronted office

Fleet managers beware a perfect storm is brewing

Fleet managers will notice the weather outside is stabilising towards February’s typically grey, damp conditions. But don’t be fooled, there’s a perfect storm brewing in the crash repair market.

Independent research company Trend Tracker predicts repair costs will continue to increase over the next five years.

Its report UK Car Body Repair Market predicts cost will grow by 14%, from £4.75 billion now to £5.43bn in 2023.

Meanwhile, the volume demand for repairs has declined slightly over the past five years. It has fallen from 4.39billion repairs in 2012 to 4.31bn in 2017 and it is expected to remain at this level, given a minor tolerance on the 4.31bn repairs, through to 2023.

The reason for this decline is that vehicles have become a lot safer with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). Which is a good thing for fleet managers looking to cut the costs of accident repairs -right?

Wrong. The National Body Repairer Association (NBRA) highlights a more exacerbating problem: a shortage of ‘technical skills’ required to repair the prospering numbers of hi-specification cars.

Trend Tracker is highlighting this problem within their report via a survey of bodyshop owners/ managers. It reports that more than 35% of respondents (bodyshop owners/managers) in its survey stated they view “the skills crisis as their main concern – their greatest threat – as modern vehicles have become ever-more complex to repair”.

Moreover, this week, Fleet News reports that the state of the crash repair market is a concern for motor insurers “giving them a slight decline in available bodyshop repair capacity and a constant demand for repairs”.

Mark Bull, director of Trend Tracker and Auto Body Projects concluded: “Following our extensive in-depth research, we say this with a large degree of confidence as ‘unsustainable labour rates’ and ‘bottom-line discounts’ also remain a significant concern for bodyshop owner/managers, who strive to invest in their staff, facilities, equipment and training to meet future demands.”

Well, we already know for whom the perfect storm will rain over: it’s fleet managers. The crash repair market situation is due to insurers not being able to affect a better market rate and bodyshops gaining greater negotiating leverage around standards.

fleet managers can navigate a bureaucracy of papers with My Fleet Hub

Fleet managers can navigate the storm of bureaucracy 

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Claim management support for fleet managers

There are other services too through My Fleet Solutions mainly when a company vehicle is involved in a crash, and the obvious costs are just the tip of the iceberg. The actual cost of a collision involves the invisible, as well as the visible repair and insurance excess. These invisible costs include losing key personnel to injury or ill-health, loss of business, potential loss of reputation and the expense of hiring replacement vehicles while company cars or vans are off the road.

My Fleet Solutions suggests an insurance claim management service. Register your vehicles for free, and when an accident occurs, the professionals will step in on your behalf to claim and manage the insurance process and recover losses. This service takes away the strain and gives you the incredible reassurance. Our experts will handle the first notification of loss (FNOL), to ensure accurate insurance claims reporting. Distressed drivers can access a ready-to-respond accredited helpdesk for support. Moreover, a network of courtesy cars to keep your vehicles moving. Expertise to inspect, instruct and approve nominated or independent repairers.

Fleet managers can register with My Fleet Solutions for free. Once the details of your vehicle are in place, you’ll have access to My Service Expert. This is a nationwide garage network offering fleet managers significant savings on servicing, maintenance, repairs and MOTs.

A new online portal for fleet managers

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My Fleet Hub has automated features like service reminders, schedule important reporting and ensures drivers are driving properly. More importantly, keep on top of fuel prices.

My Fleet Hub gives you 24/7 access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services.

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Thinking on your fleet

Using our roads is not an automatic right for an individual, and must always come with responsibilities, including the requirement in UK law to ensure you have appropriate vehicle insurance, so says Neil Worth, an officer of road safety and breakdown organisation GEM.

Driving without insurance carries a fine of £300 and six penalty points at the roadside. If the matter goes to court it is an obligatory endorsement of 6 to 8 points, a discretionary disqualification and an unlimited fine. Imagine the costs involved if you are a fleet manager and one of your drivers gets caught… it simply doesn’t bear thinking.

As a responsible fleet manager, the expense of managing your fleet’s insurance can be expensive and time-consuming. Which is why some policies, although complying with the law, might not be the right fit for your business.

Are you guilty of simply buying another single-vehicle policy as and when you buy or lease a new van or car? This may look like a cheaper option, but it can end up being quite expensive when you look at all the insurance premiums, not to mention the admin involved and making sure all the right drivers can drive the right vehicles.

If you plan on buying or leasing more vehicles, you are likely to find a situation where you are looking at a new single vehicle quote to cover a new vehicle but don’t have any ‘no claims bonus’ to apply, as you are using it on your other vehicle(s). Usually, this makes for an expensive first year’s premium on that new vehicle.

If you have a mix of cars, vans and/or special type vehicles, motor fleet insurance is often rated differently. If your business dictates that you need to run a combination of cars, vans or maybe special type vehicles such as tippers, diggers, cherry pickers etc, then you may find it difficult and/or expensive to insure these vehicles individually. Motor fleet insurers tend to be more open to accepting a mixture of vehicles on their policies for reasonable rates.

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Reporting a road traffic accident

How to report a car accident … to your boss

You know that old saying about death and taxes… well, here are some further certainties: you can’t buy time and, unfortunately, there is always an accident waiting to happen.

As a fleet owner, if your driver is involved in an accident, would they know who to call and what information they need to collect, so that the claim can be processed fairly, and fast?

It is these crucial minutes, at the scene of an accident that helps make a claim easier to handle and the impact less painful on the business.

My Fleet Solutions is your accident manager

My Fleet Solutions is here to step in, to minimise downtime and reduce costs. there are so many aspects associated with road traffic accidents that are almost impossible to manage in-house. But with a dedicated provider, you can rest assure everything is being dealt with in a proficient and professional manner. 

Fuel Card Services is our parent company, which is why we have the corporate presence to make great partnerships with Amber Claims Management, a leading insurance handler, the benefits of which we can share with you.

From removing the vehicle and finding a repairer to handling the claims process and recovering uninsured losses, our fleet accident management company will resolve all associated aspects of an incident. 

More importantly, they will be with you and your driver, right from the time the accident happens.

There are dedicated service centre agents who are trained to deal with distressed drivers. They can spend the right amount of time on the phone with each driver to accurately capture incident detail, assess liability, and to understand potential indemnity restrictions, whilst providing reassurances following nasty accidents.

For example, your service agents can help your driver get the right information, such as knowing about road markings, damage to all vehicles, the third party driver,  if they seem suspicious, number plates, the positioning of the vehicles, tyre/skid marks and signposts. Is the vehicle still driveable?

As you can see, just from these suggestions above, that there are huge, reassuring benefits in having an accident management company on hand to deal with any incidents or accidents.  

The claims service will handle the entire process, from the driver’s initial call through to the claim being finalised, providing a courtesy car to match, ensuring the repairs are done to standard and getting the vehicle back on the road.

Choosing My Fleet Solutions Services means prangs, RTA incidents or third party claims will have a minimal impact on the fleet and your business.

So, before we end, we should retitle our blog to read: “How to report a car accident… like a boss”.

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Fleet Management Solutions at My Fleet Solutions

Help with all your vehicle needs

Making sure you are not paying over the odds for vehicle management is the aim of the team at My Fleet Solutions. Our years of experience and industry knowledge means that we can save you time, hassle and unnecessary expense through our extensive contacts and industry knowledge.

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Keeping track on My Fleet’s journey

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Servicing on My Fleet’s Maintenance

Keeping cars, vans and business vehicles on the road is expensive, there’s no getting away from it. Let us source you the very best deals on servicing and maintenance for all makes and models. Auto Serve has a network of manufacturer approved dealers ready to assist with fleet servicing, maintenance and repairs.  And, because of our partnership, My Fleet Solutions takes the sting out of your automotive costs,

Covering My Fleet’s Insurance

Our team at FCS Insurance Solutions specialise in commercial vehicle and business insurance, so whether you require cover for one vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles, need goods in transit cover or employers’ liability, one of our members can help achieve the best deal for you.

Accident Managing My Fleet

Let our accident management experts, Amber Claims Management, guide you through all your options in the event of an accident involving an insurance claim be it your driver’s fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs.

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Thinking about Fleet Insurance?

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be very expensive for a business and one of the expenses that sometimes seems harder to control is  fleet insurance. You know we like to keep your business running smoothly by saving money with our Fuel Card Services. Now there is a new service, FCS Insurance Solutions.

The strength of FCS Insurance Solutions specific, policy-matching service is due to the partnerships it establishes. All partners are carefully chosen because of their solid understanding of business specific needs and industry risk exposure knowledge within the security and protection market.

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Mixed Fleet Insurance: A range of flexible policies that cover a combination of trucks, HGVs, vans and cars.

HGV Dedicated Insurance: Specialised policies for hauliers giving the right level of road, goods and liability protection, critical to keep your drivers on the road.

Employer’s Liability Insurance: Offering the most competitive rates for liability insurance.

Product & Public Liability Insurance: Policies to protect your company from every eventuality and expensive legal costs which may be brought against your business.

Goods In Transit Insurance: No matter what you are hauling, there are a number of flexible policies covering a range of goods, liability and breakdown.

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