VOR support: fleet manager giving the thumbs up out of the window of a red car

VOR solutions to minimise downtime off the road

VOR (vehicle off the road) management is a significant headache to stay on top of for fleet managers of any sized operation. We explore some proactive approaches to reducing this stress.

According to a recent survey, some firms believe VOR can cost them between £3,000 to £4,000 per day. Moreover, that’s not just one vehicle; some are registering an average of three VOR days per year.

Robust routine checks to mitigate VOR

VOR woman in overalls checking van oil

The number one piece of advice we would give any operator is to ensure your drivers carry out pre-use checks. Faulty equipment is the cause of most vehicle breakdowns. It is easy to make it a process for your drivers to identify and report any benign issues before they worsen and begin to interfere with the performance of the vehicle.

Our MyDriveSafe app makes this process even easier. It has a comprehensive range of checklists, covering almost all vehicles and compliance with constantly-updated safety standards – all from a smartphone app that’s free to download. It then gives managers the ability to track these checks easily and from anywhere.

Your driving style could exacerbate VOR

VOR gear shifting

Your employees are experienced and proficient drivers, but their style of driving may be contributing to the wear and tear of your vehicle.

Tele-Gence is a telematic device that can record and redress your driver’s habits, as well as track your vehicles and gives full access to fuel data – it can improve your fleet’s MPG by up to 20%. Its range of user-friendly services is fully customisable with bespoke options scalable to your specific needs, frictionless access from anywhere in the Cloud, and support from a UK-based customer service team.

Planned VOR with scheduled maintenance and servicing

VOR mechanics in garage doing a service

Regular preventative maintenance and servicing are essential to keep your vehicles in good nick. It also ‘engineers out’ potential causes of VOR downtime.

MyService.Expert gives drivers and managers easy access to a nationwide garage network offering competitive savings on vehicle servicing, maintenance, repairs, and MOTs. It’s pay-as-you-go, accessible from anywhere, and already saving fleets of all sizes up to 30% on parts and labour. In addition, fleets and drivers can save on a wide range of other repairs. Moreover, all discounts are pre-negotiated rates to ensure smoother, faster transactions.

How to manage an unplanned VOR downtime

Accidents do happen, no matter how confident and well-trained your drivers are on the road. These occurrences are the most disruptive to vehicle availability. Delays and hold-ups at dealers and repair agents are common.

We offer an insurance claim management service. Simply register your vehicles for free. If an accident occurs, the professionals will step in to claim and manage the insurance process and recover losses.

The experts will handle the first notification of loss (FNOL), to ensure accurate insurance claims reporting. And distressed drivers can access a ready-to-respond accredited helpdesk for support. Also, a network of courtesy cars to keep your vehicles moving. Expertise to inspect, instruct and approve nominated or independent repairers.

One online portal for fleet managers

You can combine and access each service mentioned above through one online portal. My Fleet Hub is available to connect on any device. Whether you run one van or a dozen lorries, My Fleet Hub gives you 24/7 access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services developed to make each vehicle simpler, safer, and far more cost-effective to manage and use.

Visit www.fleethub.co.uk or call 0333 130 8845

car aqua planing in the rain

Rain, rain: bring it on! We have fleet drivers covered

The Met office is warning there will be a significant change in the autumnal weather this week, as Storm Diana moves from the Atlantic and is set to bring rain and gales to the UK.

splashing in rain

Here is some advice to your fleet drivers from IAM RoadSmart on how best to cope with it.

Heavy rain:

  • Heavy rain will affect your visibility, so take it slow. Rule 126 of the Highway Code states that the braking distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you should be two seconds when driving on a dry road, and at least four seconds in the wet. It is even longer on icy surfaces. IAM RoadSmart recommends up to 10 times the braking distance when driving on ice.
  • Your windscreen should be clean, wipers effective and the jets positioned correctly and aimed at the screen. It is sensible to clean the windshield, make any necessary adjustments and remove anything from the main area before you start your journey.
  • A good rule of thumb is that if you need windscreen wipers, then you need your headlights. Automatic light settings will not always activate in lousy weather conditions, so it is up to you to make a sensible decision as to whether these need to be turned on.


  • If the water is standing in puddles on the road surface, your car is at risk of aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is where a wedge of water forms in front of the tyre and lifts off the road surface, causing the tread not to be able to displace the amount of water present. To recover form aquaplaning, ease gently off your accelerator, have a firm grip of the steering wheel and be sure not to make any sudden steering actions. The car will eventually regain its grip as the water clears.

rain puddle


  • First, ask yourself – can you take another route? If not, then you need to identify how deep the water is. If the standing water is more than six inches deep, avoid driving through it. If you are familiar with the road, you can judge the flood to the kerb.
  • If heavy rain was not the cause of the flood, then what was? Moreover, what impact on the road does it have? For example, if it is a burst water main, the standing water may look like a normal flood, but the road surface beneath the water may be completely broken up. If you are unsure how the surge has formed, then avoid it altogether.
  • Are there other vehicles similar to yours that are safely driving through the water? From this, make a judgement call as to whether it is safe to travel through or not.
  • If the water is fast flowing, do not attempt to drive through it, as there is a real danger of being swept off the road in your car.
  • If you have considered everything and decided to drive through the flood, be sure to do so slowly. The best approach is to press lightly on your clutch and add gentle pressure on your accelerator to increase your engine revs. Do so without increasing your speed, in a similar way to how you would undertake a hill start. Doing this will prevent water from entering your exhaust. If you are in an automatic car, accelerate slightly but control the speed with your brakes. When you have passed the flood, test your brakes to make sure they are dry and working correctly.
  • If you are in the slightest doubt, then turn around and don’t go through the flood. Often modern saloon cars have the air intake in the wheel arch, which may be below the water level. If your engine should take in water, it will take immediately hydro lock, and the vehicle will stop.
  • Remember to stay alert and avoid splashing pedestrians. If accidentally done – even when causing splashed when driving through puddles at the side of the road – you could receive a fixed penalty and three points on your license for driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users. If deliberately done, it could be a public order offence, a court appearance and a fine.

Choose telematics system

Planning for nasty weather can take much time. At My Fleet Solutions, we understand that managing a commercial fleet is more challenging than ever. Register with us for free, once the details of your vehicle are in place, you’ll have access to a nationwide garage network with significant savings on fleet servicing, maintenance, repairs and MOTs, at the right price for your vehicle.

My Fleet Solutions is here to step in when road traffic accidents occur. Register for free and if a crash does happen, feel safe in the knowledge that we will handle the first notification of loss, to ensure accurate insurance claims reporting. There is an accredited helpdesk primed to support distressed drivers. A network of courtesy cars to keep your fleet moving. Expertise to inspect, instruct and approve nominated or independent repairers. Moreover, by choosing My Fleet Solutions to claim and manage the insurance process and recover losses, you will have the incredible reassurance that incidents and accidents will not have a significant impact on your business or fleet.

At My Fleet Solutions, we also offer FCS Insurance Solutions, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA licence number 759713). Through our parent company Fuel Card Services, we can negotiate more significant discounts and introduces quotes for all probabilities: Mixed Fleet Insurance, HGV Dedicated Insurance, Employer’s Liability Insurance, Product and Public Liability Insurance and Goods In Transit Insurance.

My Fleet Solutions is the one-stop solution to all your fleets needs and your drivers’ cares.

Safety Driving Technology Fitted As Standard

European Commission sets safety as standard, not optional

Just as seatbelts are a legal requirement on all cars and vans, now technology addressing accidents will be the latest lifesaving safety features fitted as standard.

Developments in the safety of our roads took a huge leap forward on Friday, 18th May 2018, with a European Commission proposal to mandate the fitting of lifesaving technologies, in all new cars.

AEB Safety As Standard

AEB Safety As Standard

This proposal is part of the European Commission’s (EC) Third Mobility Package, which brings a set of measures with the objective of allowing all drivers to benefit from safer traffic, less polluting vehicles and more advanced technological solutions.

More importantly, this proposal is good news for drivers, as the onus of spending more on safety as an extra option, means that decision is pushed back onto the car manufacturers and in one swoop, as it’s now standard, it will dramatically improve the safety of our roads forever.

However, there are still many issues with infrastructure that the cars will need to use to make this technology work safely. There does need to be an integrated road safety strategy, to ensure those safe vehicles are driven by safe drivers on safe roads.

So, if you look after fleet cars, think about adding My Fleet Solutions, as a safety partner for your business on the road.

From contract vehicle leasing to the fuel you put in the car, to service and fixing the vehicle, My Fleet Solutions has the right answer to fit your vehicle management needs. The maintenance support doesn’t end there, we can take care of sourcing the right vehicle insurance, telematics system and the most comprehensive accident management support in the industry. If your vehicles need updating too, we have the best pre-registration cars available.

My Fleet Solution will guide you through an accident, safely

My Fleet Solution will guide you through an accident, safely

With My Fleet Solutions accident management experts, Amber Claims Management. They will guide you through all your options in the event of an accident involving an insurance claim be it your drivers’ fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs. Everything, with Amber Claims Management, will automatically assist you after an accident occurs.

Fuel Card Services is our parent company, a business of DCC an FTSE 100 company, which is why we have the corporate presence to make great partnerships with Amber Claims Management, a leading insurance handler, the benefits of which we can share with you.

From removing the vehicle and finding a repairer to handling the claims process and recovering uninsured losses, our fleet accident management company will resolve all associated aspects of an incident.

More importantly, they will be with you and your driver, right from the time the accident happens. There are dedicated service centre agents who are trained to deal with distressed drivers. They can spend the right amount of time on the phone with each driver to accurately capture incident detail, assess liability, and to understand potential indemnity restrictions, whilst providing reassurances following nasty accidents.

For example, your service agents can help your driver get the right information, such as knowing about road markings, damage to all vehicles, the third party driver, if they seem suspicious, number plates, the positioning of the vehicles, tyre/skid marks and signposts. Is the vehicle still driveable?

As you can see, just from these suggestions above, that there are huge, reassuring benefits in having an accident management company on hand to deal with any incidents or accidents.

The claims service will handle the entire process, from the driver’s initial call through to the claim being finalised, providing a courtesy car to match, ensuring the repairs are done to standard and getting the vehicle back on the road.

Choosing My Fleet Solutions Services means prangs, RTA incidents or third party claims will have a minimal impact on the fleet and your business.

Fleet Management Solutions at My Fleet Solutions

Help with all your vehicle needs

Making sure you are not paying over the odds for vehicle management is the aim of the team at My Fleet Solutions. Our years of experience and industry knowledge means that we can save you time, hassle and unnecessary expense through our extensive contacts and industry knowledge.

From the fuel you put in the car, to service and fixing the vehicle, My Fleet Solutions has the right answer to fit your vehicle management needs. The maintenance support doesn’t end there, we can take care of sourcing the right vehicle insurance, telematics system and the most comprehensive accident management support in the industry. If your vehicles need it, the answer is at My Fleet Solutions.

Saving on My Fleet Fuel

Our Fuel Card Services offers fuel discounts and the ability to make significant management savings. You benefit from fixed weekly pricing, which is a considerable weight taken off both your drivers and accounts department, giving you full control of fuel costs.

Keeping track on My Fleet’s journey

Did you know that using telematics improves safety, efficiency and saves you money on your fleet? We offer our own telematics service, Tele-Gence, an even better fleet solution, integrating fuel card data with telematics. Having access to fuel card data and live tracking data enables in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more, giving you a solution geared to your exact fleet requirements.

Servicing on My Fleet’s Maintenance

Keeping cars, vans and business vehicles on the road is expensive, there’s no getting away from it. Let us source you the very best deals on servicing and maintenance for all makes and models. Auto Serve has a network of manufacturer approved dealers ready to assist with fleet servicing, maintenance and repairs.  And, because of our partnership, My Fleet Solutions takes the sting out of your automotive costs,

Covering My Fleet’s Insurance

Our team at FCS Insurance Solutions specialise in commercial vehicle and business insurance, so whether you require cover for one vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles, need goods in transit cover or employers’ liability, one of our members can help achieve the best deal for you.

Accident Managing My Fleet

Let our accident management experts, Amber Claims Management, guide you through all your options in the event of an accident involving an insurance claim be it your driver’s fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs.

So, if you’re looking for the best deals for your fleet, and a stress-free working day, there is only one place to find everything: My Fleet Solutions.