Bridging the CO2 Carbon Emissions gap

By April, if you have not set the right company car policies in place, working in the fleet sector will become more challenging with the introduction of Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP). The disruption is because of the move to a new VED and Company Car Tax (CCT) regime, which will use CO2 figures based on the more accurate WLTP standard.

Currently, this information is hard to find as many vehicle manufacturers are struggling to provide the WLTP data. This tax legislation is yet another layer of complexity and confusion for fleet managers to cope with alongside other recently introduced legislation for air quality measures.

Let Fuel Card Services help you bridge that CO2 gap to comply with HMRC on real driving emission in your fleet with the help of CO2Count. This solution will help you develop real-time CO2 policies for company cars and future fleet choices within your business.

We understand that every part of your business needs to reduce its carbon footprint – and that includes the fleet. There couldn’t be a better place to start than with our CO2Count. It makes emissions monitoring easy for our fuel card customers, for any fleet from a couple of vans upwards, to meet with the new regulation requirements.

We can also help you monitor, control and reduce your vehicle emissions, and gives you certificates to prove it.

You will receive a regular CO2Count Certificate showing:

  • The volume of each type of fuel used
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) produced
  • Methane (CH4) produced
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O) produced
  • Total direct greenhouse gases produced
  • All emissions are calculated to the equivalent kilograms of CO2 (KG CO2e) based on annual DEFRA rates

You will also have access to an online system. Here you can generate reports over any given period to give all of the above information, for your whole fleet or by vehicle or groups of vehicles. Reports are available on-screen or can download into Excel CSV formats.

With CO2Count you gain:

  • Complete transparency for your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ability to monitor continuingly
  • Benchmark for measuring emissions reductions
  • Independently sourced third-party evidence for emissions auditors
  • Another carbon-cutting solution

You’ll find CO2Count service under My Fleet Solutions, where you’ll also discover many other integrated maintenance and care services.

There is no joining fee, register your vehicles to access at

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