Are you getting good website traffic, but no conversions?

Shift the odds in your favour and turn visitors into leads and leads into sales with our website and marketing specialist benefit on My Business Advantage.

Did you know, statistically, only 2.8% of your website visitors will ever enquire? What if you could shine a light on the other 97.2%? What if you could know what your most significant prospects were interested in, and exactly when to get in touch?

Exclusive to My Business Advantage is a benefit that can help track the individual visitors of your website in real-time. With CANDDi’s easy-to-understand dashboard, you can get an overview of the individuals and companies who have visited your website.

Not only does the dashboard identify your website visitors, but you can also drive this rich information directly into your customer relationship management system. Here these valuable insights will help you to prioritise leads that matter, optimise your marketing return on investment and this will be a system your sales team are already comfortable with and the data will help make timely sales decisions.

Plus, the dashboard continues to update 24/7, so you’ll never miss a hot prospect again!

Book a quick 10- to 15-minute discovery call to find out how CANDDi could work for your business. The expert will dig into your current sales and marketing processes and discuss where and how CANDDi will be able to help you find additional leads and close more business.

Through My Business Advantage’s special offer, you get:

  • The CANDDi starter package, which will include CRM integration and lead sourcing, usually reserved for premium packages
  • You will receive a free, two-hour consultancy, not only on the use of CANDDi but your marketing strategy as a whole

Choose a time that suits you for a call.

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