Counting the cost of rubbish on the highway

What can you do about accidents that happen due to rubbish on the road?
We would call our insurance claims management experts.

Have you noticed more burst tyres, bits of vehicle trim or dead animals on our motorways recently? The bad weather tends to bring all the debris that has been kicked to the side, back onto the road or blocked up drains lead to aquaplaning. Whatever lurks on the streets, your drivers cannot always be ready and swerving to avoid could lead to a tyre blowout or worse.

You need to protect yourself with our insurance claims management service provided by amber: assist.

Our accident management experts, Amber:Assist, will guide you through all your options in the event of an accident. From the first notification, whether it is your driver’s fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs.

It’s all part of our service plan. Whether you run one van or a dozen lorries, My Fleet Solutions gives fleet decision-makers 24/7 access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services. They are developed to make each vehicle simpler, safer, and far more cost-effective to manage and use.

MyService.Expert gives drivers and managers easy access to a nationwide garage network offering competitive savings on vehicle servicing, maintenance, repairs, and MOTs. It’s pay-as-you-go, accessible from anywhere, and offers savings of up to 30% on parts and labour. Better still, all of these discounted rates are pre-negotiated to ensure smoother, faster transactions.

If you’re looking for a stress-free working day, despite the wet weather, there is only one place to find everything: My Fleet Solutions.

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