Get ahead with new sales data for the New Year

When you’re growing your business, you will inevitably encounter objections and obstacles along the way; thinking that you won’t is misguided. However, they do say that doing sales is a numbers game. But this does not mean numbers, as in quantity, it’s about being smart and finding the right one.

But how do you find your ideal customers? Battling with gatekeepers and no-name policies of more substantial organisations can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.

When equipped with the proper sales intelligence—or information about target markets that plays a critical role in enriching the sales pipeline and enabling the sales force—salespeople can better serve customers and bolster sales effectiveness.

With just one click, at My Business Advantage, our Sales Data benefit offers to take your business to the next level.

Save 5% extra on any sales data purchased, plus free access to sales targeting consultation and GDPR compliance and documentation with sales data benefit from My Business Advantage.

Say goodbye to sparse data, lack of sales pipeline, battles with the ‘no-name’ policies of larger companies, and all-around frustration. Our provider, Corpdata is aware of the increasing difficulty in obtaining legally compliant marketing data. They have evolved to become experts in marketing under GDPR and pride themselves on being able to provide customers with high quality, relevant marketing lists and even tailor them to your specific needs.

As part of your advantage benefits, they’ll provide you with documentation proving the data you receive complies with GDPR, giving you peace of mind so you can market with confidence.

Corpdata is so confident in their service that should you come across a lead that no longer exists; they will not only refund you your money back, they’ll double it.

Find out more at My Business Advantage today.

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