Save the planet with eco-friendly wooden glasses

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So, you’re in the market for a new pair of spectacles, and you’ve heard about wooden glasses. They function, just like a plastic or metal designer frame pair, and they still express individualism in looks, and more importantly, they are safe for the environment.
Still need convincing Here are four reasons why.

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Wood is a natural, renewable material which thanks to recent advances in manufacturing techniques, needs very little processing and energy to create. For example, plastic and metal glasses require a humungous amount of energy, involving chemicals, heat and fossil fuels to mould and form. Wood does not.

Besides, the industrial waste from wood is quite literally sawdust whereas metal and plastics produce petrochemical waste, micro-plastics and other chemical waste unseen by you, the consumer.


Your glasses are part of your daily life; they are most likely to be the first thing you pick up and the last item you put down at night. They are your windows to visual perception, and they will press against your temples and sit there for 12 hours a day behind your ears.

This level of contact, may after months or years, create allergy implications for metal or plastic glasses.

Wooden glasses are natural and finished with a 100% natural wood and plant-based treatment to keep them waterproof and sweat resistant.


Wooden glasses are super lightweight, giving you a forget-they’re-there feeling. This feeling makes a big comfort difference to heavier plastic or metal glasses.

Unique and stylish

They can be chic to funky, corporate to hipster, wooden glasses come in all styles but always comfortable and kind to the environment.

Where can you find a pair of wooden glasses?

FreshforPanda is an online store specialising in eco-friendly eyewear. It offers an extensive range of handmade bamboo and wooden sunglasses and eyewear. Also, they offer glazing services for prescription eyewear.

Enjoy free delivery from now until 5 November 2025.

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