New safety compliance for vans in 2022

Life-saving safety technology features in just one-in-10 vans. A lot of today’s ‘extras’ will soon become mandatory safety tech across all cars and vans by 2022. MyService.Expert can help check compliance.

While some van manufacturers fit essential safety features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to their vehicles – that’s not enough. In actual fact, 88% of all vans in the UK today do not meet any of the upcoming European Commission proposed safety standards.

The new safety compliance rules

With this in mind, The European Commission has proposed to make eight safety technologies mandatory across new cars and vans by 2022. These include driver drowsiness and distraction alerts, intelligent speed assistance, reversing cameras or sensors, data recorder in case of an accident, lane-keep assistance, advanced emergency braking, and crash-test improved safety belts.

These changes came about from 2012 when Euro NCAP tested some of Europe’s best-selling vans. Their results have since called on “manufacturers to offer vehicles with higher levels of safety equipment” after many of the models tested were found to lack necessary safety equipment such as electronic stability control (ESC).

Lack of safety tech

They found AEB, which automatically applies the brakes if it senses an imminent collision, is standard in one-in-five of the 228 new vans and pick-ups on sale in the UK. Studies by Euro NCAP, the European vehicle safety standards agency, previously found AEB reduces real-world rear-end collisions by 38%.

Other technologies, including Lane Keeping Assistance, which automatically keeps vans on the centre of the lane, was available as standard in only 2% of all new vans on sale, and an optional extra in 18%.

New technologies, including Intelligent Speed Assistance, which helps drivers to avoid exceeding the speed limit, and automatically slows the vehicle down when the threshold drops. This safety tech is found in just 3% of new vans on sale. Also, crash-test seat-belts and accident data recorders are not standard on any van currently on sale in the UK.

Despite van drivers covering on average 13,000 miles a year driver distraction and drowsiness alerts were standard on just one-in-10 vans on sale, and an optional extra in 11%.

This legislative news may not be beneficial to hear if you are not planning on upgrading your fleet just yet.

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