‘Tis the season to check compliance

Check, check and check again: with the festive season nearly upon us. The Licence Bureau says compliance should be top of the agenda for business drivers and fleet operators. With our MyDriveSafe.Expert app that’s easy

With the ‘party spirit’ around this time of year, the Licence Bureau advice is to pay specific attention to policies. In particular alcohol, drug, in-car smartphone use and general fatigue policies. It is specifying utmost clarity relating to these areas and stringent process in place to manage any unforeseen incidents.

Malcolm Maycock, managing director of Licence Bureau, said, ” This warning is not a case of being a ‘party pooper’. It’s a case of allowing people to have a good time. Check they are safe in the knowledge they are compliant with company policy, and health and safety legislation.

“It’s particularly important that the areas stigmatised by the festive season are addressed. You need to give clarity to every driver within the fleet, and that includes grey fleet drivers too.”

Malcolm continued, “Experience tells us our simple, impactful messages resonate deeply with drivers and organisations. If we can help people stop and think, and ultimately help prevent any road traffic incidents over the festive season, then that is a success.”

The campaign covers areas such as alcohol and drugs, use of smartphones and tiredness, which all increase the chances of accidents.

Check compliance in an app

You can rely on Fuel Card Services. We make the whole process of duty of care easier with MyDriveSafe.Expert app.

MyDriveSafe.Exert gives drivers a simple, comprehensive range of checklists, covering vehicles and compliance with constantly-updated safety standards – all from a smartphone app that’s free to download. It then gives managers the ability to track these checks easily and from anywhere.

MyDriveSafe.Expert has a comprehensive suite of services. These services include the following: the ability to: customise checklists, report vehicle defects quickly, send manager email alerts, create a driver disclaimer for grey fleets, look up a vehicle’s DVLA information, and even function when there’s no internet connection.

For just £1 per vehicle per month, MyDriveSafe.Expert offers numerous cost-saving advantages in addition to helping to prevent legal fines. It speeds up administration time, records the time taken to perform checks, creates incident/accident reports, and produces a clear audit trail.

Information is tamper-proof when saved and can report with images and notes. Vehicle defects are displayed until resolved, and assuring compliance for protection against potential legal issues.

Get in touch, and soon you’ll be saving time and money with MyDriveSafe.Expert. Call: 0844 134 0746 or email: contact@mydrivesafe.com

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