Avoid that sinking feeling when a flood attacks

We all like to think we can deal with the aftermath of a flood at work. It’s only water, right? Wrong: its sewage and debris everywhere, soiled stock, mouldy office furnishings, sales invoice floating in the mire? It stinks. Add to this business interrupting scenario, a duty of care to your employees or tenants and the urgent need to make an insurance claim.

At Fuel Card Services, we have found an insurance claims management partner Aspray Ltd, that you can turn to for expert guidance and support on property damage insurance claims. We are offering this opportunity through our online benefits portal, My Business Advantage.

Aspray can manage your claim from inception to completion by dealing with your insurer, or appointed loss adjuster, directly to negotiate a settlement. When you agree on the work, Aspray will project manage vetted contractors to complete the reinstatement works, all the while, putting the policyholder first. Giving you further peace of mind: Aspray is a member of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA).

What happens in a flood?

Burst pipes, blocked drains or adverse weather conditions can all be the cause of flooding. To decide whether a policyholder is covered by their insurance policy the first thing the insurance company need to know about the cause of the damage.

Secondly, flood overflow water could infect your business premises with mould and harmful bacteria. To avoid lasting property damage and the health side effects of mould, you must dry the property out fully with an industrial dehumidifier and drying equipment. Then a complete anti-fungal purification stage, to tackle harmful mould and bacteria prior to beginning any necessary repairs.

  • How Aspray will handle your Flood Damage Claims:
  • Arrange a site visit usually within 24 hours of your call
  • Prepare and present a schedule of works for your insurer.
  • Liaise directly with your insurance company and loss adjuster if necessary.
  • Oversee a team of vetted tradespeople.
  • Restore your property to its pre-loss condition as swiftly as possible.
  • Negotiate any business interruption settlement for home workers and business owners.
  • Help arrange alternative accommodation, where required.
  • Project manage the claim and stay in close contact with you throughout.
  • The work is only complete when you are satisfied with the repair.

Money off your excess

Best of all, there is no charge to you for the service if Aspray appoints and project manage the contractors as they are paid directly by your insurers. Please note any policy excess stated within your policy will of course still apply.

However, if you do instruct Aspray to take care of your insurance claim and all reinstatement works, they are offering a £100 voucher towards your excess upon completion. Terms and conditions apply.

Simply visit www.mybusinessadvantage.co.uk and click on ‘Insurance Claim Management’

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