The threat of van theft has risen by 45%

Van theft across the UK has soared by 45% over the last four years. Official reports say 30,000 vehicles were stolen since 2015, according to research conducted by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

There are official Police reports of a total of 32,056 vans over the last four years. Not only that, the report states almost 10,000 thefts have been recorded in the previous year alone. The 2018/19 figures represent a year-on-year rise of 4% and a 45% increase since 2015/16.

Your fleet vehicles are at more risk of being stolen by criminals at this time of year.

There is a new trend in vehicle theft termed ‘relay attack’, which allows criminals to harness digital theft techniques to overcome existing vehicle security technology, such as immobilisers and keyless entry systems.

David Hanna, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Head of Service and Parts Operations, said: “Our most recent findings are concerning as it reveals that the problem of van theft is getting worse rather than better – and it’s a problem right across the country. Vans are the lifeblood of so many businesses up and down the country, and it’s not only the emotional stress of replacing the vehicle but also the days and weeks of letting customers down and the cost of replacing tools, often worth thousands of pounds, before you can get back to ‘business as usual’.

Fuel Card Services wish to support wherever possible, so we are offering tips and solutions for tracking and insuring your vehicles.

Top tips to secure against van theft

van theft robber in the dark
  • Park in well-lit areas or car parks with CCTV or position your van so that another vehicle or object blocks the doors
  • Window guards or full internal bulkheads can stop would-be thieves seeing inside
  • Adding security film to the side or back window glass can stop criminals smashing it
  • Fitting additional locks to rear and sliding doors can help deter thieves
  • Invest in lockable internal racking or secure storage boxes for your most valuable tools
  • Installing a tracker can help police hunt down a stolen van plus it may reduce your insurance premium

Tracking van theft

The impact of van theft goes beyond just having the inconvenience of being without a vehicle; My Fleet Solutions offers Tele-Gence.

Our device is tamper-secure and small, and easy to hide. Our software is industry agnostic allowing us to select the right solutions based on the exact requirements for your business. This bespoke service allows you the choice of an intelligent fuel management tracking solution, by integrating your fuel card data. It works by giving you greater visibility of your fleet, using the creation of multi-shaped geo-fences or zones around fuel stations or work sites, for example, to pinpoint, alert, report and manage your fleet efficiently.

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Protect against van theft

van theft

Whether your vehicles are used for goods in transportation or to travel from the office and job to job with tools, you need commercial insurance. Running a business can be enough of a headache without the extra challenges of a van theft.

With this purpose in mind, we can introduce a new service, MyInsurance.Expert.

We have a network of leading fleet insurance providers who can provide quotes for all probabilities. As a result, we can save you time and money.

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