Looking after drivers and assets in the dark

With the clocks going back on Sunday 27th October, we’re going to be travelling in the dark a lot more.

It is incredible how different a road looks at night. No matter how much discussion fleet managers will have had with drivers, the darkness does make all drivers feel vulnerable.

Driving in the dark causes stress

According to the Mercedes-Benz Vans Business Barometer, which monitors the opinions on more than 2,000 van drivers and owners, nearly 30% (28%) also say that roads are in a poor or very poor condition.

As a result of all of this, over a third (37%) of drivers said they regularly experience stress while at work, with depression (15%) and anxiety (21%) compounding their problems and issues with working conditions.

Steve Bridge, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd, says: “The nation’s poorly maintained roads and parking spaces are having a negative impact on van driver mental health. Road usage is the basic requirements to fulfil their tasks. Drivers need to park up safely. Use their time effectively, and not risk damaging their vehicles, or themselves, to get to and from their next job. It is very sad to learn that the state of our roads is having such an impact on the state of our hardworking van drivers.”

Addressing this issue is no easy task, but businesses can empower their staff through technology. At Fuel Card Services, we offer Tele-Gence. It delivers intelligent fuel management by integrating fuel card and live tracking data, resulting in valuable savings. Intuitive and alert-driven, it provides in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, vehicle tracking and more – with no long-term commitment.

Protect your asset in the dark from theft

Fitting Tele-Gence device protects your assets as well as your drivers. It will show insurers that you have done your utmost to protect your vehicles. Especially, when the cover of darkness, makes it easier for car thieves.

Hacker in the dark

As well as offering smart technology, we are offering some practical advice.

  • Lock and key: use additional deadlocks and steel-clad locks, as standard locks are easy for thieves to pick. Slam locks ensure a door locks every time it’s closed – ideal for quick stops.
  • If your van has keyless entry, buy a faraday bag. This blocks electronic key fob signals from being compromised – use it on-site and at home.
  • Reinforce doors: Stop thieves prising open sliding doors. You can add an extra lock at the top or reinforce the top of the doors.
  • Park with any sliding or rear doors by a wall, and in a well-lit area, to make it difficult for access and a getaway by potential burglars slower and harder.
  • Alarms: add extra alerts to vans and use immobilisers to stop thieves, even if they do manage to break in.
  • Store tools securely: make sure tools are removed from vans overnight and lock them in a secure storage box in a garage or building.
  • Track it: Install a tracking device to help police recover a stolen van and close the net on thieves.

There are plenty more advice and vehicle management solutions at My Fleet Solutions: whether you run one van or a dozen lorries.

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