Don’t sell your business, when you want to grow it!

Getting a business to grow is hard. Starting your business is excellent. You’re full of creativity, action plans… everything is full of pizzazz. Banks and lenders are falling over themselves to wish you well and offer enticing packages to start your business. However, when it comes to growing your business. There’s aren’t many options.

Banks and lenders are reluctant to invest and see you more of a risk than a sure thing. For entrepreneurs, this negativity is when the struggles begin.

Access to finance is a common cause of concern. Without access to secure lending, we understand many business owners have had to consider selling a stake in their business to raise funds. Not what you were contemplating when you first began your business, we assume?

What we need to do is challenge this short-sighted culture and a significant barrier to growth. And instead, encourage more entrepreneurs to grow their businesses over the long-term. That is how we will create the next Virgin, JCB or Dyson.

A solution to grow your business

My Business Advantage would like to introduce our Access Finance benefit. It is a type of credit that does not have a fixed number of payments, in contrast to instalment credit, and as a My Business Advantage member, you will get 50% off the standard set-up fee.

It is not a business loan; it works like an overdraft to cover cash flow gaps. It is known as a revolving credit facility, you can access pre-approved funds as required, and interest charges are on the amount withdrawn while it is outstanding. Like an overdraft, the sooner you pay it back, the sooner you have access to the funds again, so the cash revolves around your business needs. And, you only pay for what and when you use it.

On average, within just three days of your first call with, you can draw down from your fund. So, if you’ve got an idea about how extra cash can grow your business, visit Access Finance. Fill in the form, and we will call you back. In just a five-minute phone call, you’ll be able to find out how to get funding to grow your business.

Visit and get the Access Finance Benefit and save 50% off the standard set up fee.

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