It’s ‘snow’ fun for fleets during winter

Winter is coming. Don’t let the cold snap catch your fleet out. Prevention is always better than cure. Find out more about our service, maintenance and repair solutions to suit your business at MyService.Expert

For one thing, winter can bring with it some pretty nasty driving conditions. It is essential to make sure vehicles are winter-ready; so drivers can cope with the rain, wind, slippery road surfaces and more prolonged, darker nights.

Giving some attention now to batteries, tyres, anti-freeze, wiper, lights and other vehicle essentials is the best way of ensuring fleet reliability in the months to come.

Conduct a winter health check now

Here are five simple steps for preventing unexpected costs and reducing the chance of a breakdown or malfunction this winter:

  • Make sure all the lights on vehicles, inside and out, are working correctly. Clean them regularly to ensure they are free of dirt, so that you can see, and others can see you.
  • Check tyre tread depth and pressure weekly through the winter. Good tyres will ensure the safety systems in your car are as effective as possible. The more tread on the rubber means easy dispersion of water from the road and therefore the minimal risk of skidding and losing control.
  • Get the battery and charging system checked to ensure the best performance. Cold weather puts a lot of strain on tired batteries, so consider changing it now to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown.
  • Ensure your fleets’ cooling systems have the correct levels of anti-freeze, which is vital to prevent the water in the engine’s cooling system from freezing.
  • Do you need new windscreen wipers at front and rear? Check for efficient working and use cold weather washer fluid. Do not use the windscreen wipers to clear ice, as this will very quickly lead to damage.

Get ready for winter

winter freezing windscreen

With temperatures dropping and driving conditions worsening every day, it’s vital to ensure your fleet is ready for the colder weather and winter driving. To give drivers complete peace of mind, Fuel Card Services, makes the whole process of fleet responsibility easier. We have built up a network of garages that offer the best in terms of quality, standards, and customer service and call it MyService.Expert.

Our relationship with these dealer groups means we can offer you a full choice of service with top garages. These associates have made a genuine investment in delivering high standards of service and expertise. It is simple to join

At MyService.Expert, it is free to register your vehicles, plus you get many more benefits.

The benefits of joining MyService.Expert

Here is how it works: One of your vehicles is due for a service. MyService.Expert will send you an alert, then provide discounted costs from garages near you. You compare and select. We pay the garage and then invoice you. Easy.

Smiling mechanic fixing a tyre

The benefits of joining do not end there: Fuel Card Services’ partnership with these experts means you typically save 30% on work in comparison to going direct to a franchise dealer.

There is no joining fee, and no minimum contract to register your vehicles online. In addition, there is no minimum number of cars, vans or HGVs.
Simplify your vehicle maintenance by booking work via the online portal. Here you can job authorise and pre-negotiate discount rates that cover servicing, repairs and maintenance. It also includes tyre replacement or repairs

The costings are transparent, based upon thorough working knowledge and up-to-date automotive data. Plus all genuine parts and repairs are protected under warranty.

All costs need your online approval before work begins. Doing this action is easy, MyService.Expert is accessible anywhere and at any time on a WiFi connected device.

Just like your Fuel Card Services provides visible costings to keeping your business moving with fuel; think of MyService.Expert as your vehicle maintenance expense solution.

Visit MyService.Expert today or call 0844 134 0746.

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