Getting your business through Brexit

Brexit, market shifts, global financial crises, advancing technology — businesses have always had to cope with uncertainty and change in one way or another. While Brexit presents new challenges, stay confident that this is a storm your business can weather.

If you don’t have the people in-house, it’s never too late to start expanding your network and connecting with experts. My Business Advantage is here to help. We can source those services and benefits you need to adapt, grow, develop or protect your business.

You could, of course, spend an awful lot of your own time keeping up with nitty-gritty Brexit developments, researching legal implications, deciphering potential tax changes, and all that jazz — but is that really the best approach for your business or the best use of your time? Probably not. That’s what our professional experts are for.

Brexit: businessman confused how to leave

Have you really got time to understand Brexit?

Besides, it’s not a great idea to rely on your own reading of the Brexit situation. If you misread new rules, for instance, it could end up costing your business dearly in the long term. Seek professional advice and make sure your business gets it right the first time.

To be clear, this isn’t permission to ignore the ever-changing Brexit developments altogether or bury your head in the sand. Sticking your fingers in your ears and singing “la la la” — tempting though it may be sometimes — isn’t much of a strategy.

Let the experts offer advice

Bottom line: You do still need to stay in the loop on the latest big-picture Brexit news. Even if the latest development isn’t what you, personally, wanted to see happen. Even if you’re exhausted by the subject (as many people are). If you don’t stay up to date at a basic level, how will you know what questions to ask our My Business Advantage experts?

Don’t let your business get distracted by Brexit-related uncertainty (or any business uncertainty, for that matter). Stay focused on your core activities at this time —delivering outstanding products and wowing your customers or clients with incredible service.

If you let that everyday activity slip if you don’t stay true to your business’s mission, even if it’s just for a little while, your customers will notice. Don’t give them an excuse to take their business elsewhere.

What happens after Brexit?

After the United Kingdom (UK) has exited the European Union (EU) — assuming the UK exits under the terms of a withdrawal agreement — there’s then a formal transition period that’s likely to run until December 2020, but could run until December 2022, or later, depending on when the UK leaves. Think of this transition period as your innovation and diversification period.

In other words, you’ve got X many months to a) think about where your company is going and how best to evolve and future-proof the business, and b) put those plans into action. Turn Brexit into an opportunity.

My Business Advantage is here to support you on that journey to new horizons.

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