Printer solutions that save on the cost of printing

A printer is still a vital piece of equipment for business. It’s difficult to consider even the smallest of businesses being able to survive without a computer and printer nowadays.

In this digital age, regardless of the size of your business, the way it’s perceived by customers is essential. Even the smallest company should aim to demonstrate professionalism at all times. An element of this is with the use of the latest printing technology. From handwritten bills, poorly printed documents or those which appear old-fashioned, a poor printing job is immediately detectable. The business can sadly suffer as a result of the poor image they’re projecting.

Although the ownership of such technology is important, it’s more important to make sure you have the use of a high-quality printer for your business. Poor quality technology is easily detectable and can often let a business down. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that items such as a printer are of the highest possible quality for a number of reasons.

A printer that saves on costs

Exclusively through My Business Advantage, you can get a brand-new Canon MF742Cdw printer on a zero-cost, three-year lease for your business from 2Fold Print. You’ll get a starter toner that’s good for 5,000 prints included, and from there you pay when you print – and at the UK’s lowest toner prices guaranteed.

Canon printer

Save on printing, plus gain bonuses

Here is an example of how much you can save on printer costs using this benefit:
100 pages a day for 250 days at high street prices = £2,500
100 pages a day for 250 days with 2Fold = £500

If your printer breaks, a replacement printer will be sent free of charge. The cloud technology monitors the ink, and this means you can choose to receive the necessary printing supplies before you run out automatically.
With 2Fold, printing it is cheap and hassle-free.

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