How to get great website results with great SEO

SEO is important for your website? Why? Well, each time your business fails to show up in a prospective customer’s online search, you miss a sale.

In the first place, not having a website that a search engine can easily read means your loss. Your site will appear further down its list of search results. In fact, not looking beyond the first page of search results is something we all do from time to time. Actually, 75% of people admit to just sticking to the first page. Not optimising your website could have an extremely damaging effect on your business.

You may have a great looking website, but that will all be for nothing if prospective customers are failing to land there because of poor search engine optimisation. Understanding exactly how to ensure search engines positively favour your website can be complicated and time-consuming – and is changing all the time.

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A free guide to SEO

That’s why we’d like to recommend’s FREE SEO guide. Written by digital experts, the guide covers all the crucial aspects of SEO without being too daunting.

Did you know 77% of adult internet users in the UK use online searches to find information about products and services (Source: ONS 2018). If your site does not show high up in search results, chances are they won’t see your business and won’t choose you.

If you’d like to speak directly with a Yell digital expert about search engine optimisation, click here and we’ll pass your details on for a callback. They are also available to talk about any other aspect of digital marketing too.

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