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Funding for your business to grow is not as easy to find as say starting up a business where there is a plethora of support in grants from Government or loans from banks. If your company has been running a while, and you’re looking for funding, you may need to look elsewhere.

At Fuel Card Services, we understand how difficult it can often be to access finance to boost your business. This dilemma is especially real if your business is under two years old. The application process can be long and complicated, adding to the stress of running a business.

A variety of flexible funding

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That’s where Just Cashflow come in. They offer a variety of flexible funding solutions that make getting the cash boost you need as painless as possible. As long as your business is more than three months old and you pass a few minor checks, Just Cashflow will provide you with the financial boost you need.

Just Cashflow offer flexible finance solutions ranging from £10k to £500k. It is not a business loan but gives you ready access to finance. This type of credit is an alternative to a bank overdraft or a business loan. It works like an overdraft to cover cash flow gaps and is known as a revolving credit facility. You can access pre-approved funds as required. There is no fixed number of payments, in contrast to instalment credit. And interest is on the amount withdrawn, while it is outstanding.

Like an overdraft, the sooner you pay it back, the sooner you have access to the funds again, so the cash revolves around your business needs. And, you only pay for what and when you use it.

Funding decisions made by real people

Funding for a happy couple to open a green grocers

Just Cashflow offers a free, no-obligation funding decision made by real people with real commercial experience. They even lend their funds.

You get a straightforward cash flow solution with no lengthy application process. Once the facility is agreed, the money can be in your bank in as little as three days. This fast turnaround gives your business the cash it needs right now, without having to make a long-term commitment.

As a My Business Advantage member, you will get 50% off the standard set-up fee.

On average, within just three days of your first call with, you can draw down from your fund. So, if you’ve got an idea about how extra cash can grow your business visit the Access Finance benefit on My Business Advantage. Click the button to register your details. The call will take just five-minute, and you’ll be able to find out how to get funding to grow your business.

Book a call today with Just Cashflow to see how they could help fund the future of your business.

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