How to spot fraudsters using crash-for-crash tactics

Beware. Motor fraudsters employ dangerous tactics to trap unsuspecting drivers in ‘crash-for-cash’ scams.

Hide and crash is the latest method insurers report. This involves a fraudster hiding in a driver’s blind-spot before quickly moving in front to ‘slam on’ the brakes.

This frightening scenario occurs when a fraudster will flash their headlights to invite an innocent driver to pull out of a junction before accelerating to cause a collision. These tactics fraudsters use to induce accidents and make bogus insurance claims.

‘Crash for cash’ is a problem that costs the insurance industry £340 million annually, leading to inflated premiums for motorists and businesses.

Top-five tactics to create a crash

crash details between two injured parties
  • Traditional ‘slam on’ accidents – a vehicle in front intentionally slams on the brakes to catch out the driver behind.
  • Flash for the crash – when a driver flashes their lights to beckon another vehicle forward but then drives into them
  • Crash for ready cash – a third-party requests cash to fix their vehicle after they have induced a collision
  • Hide and crash – a vehicle ‘hides’ in the blind spot of another car before moving in front and braking hard
  • Hire and crash – where a criminal hire a car and stages an accident with another vehicle, usually someone they know

Top-five crash locations chosen by fraudsters

Roundabouts are the most common locations for crash-for-cash scams, while busy motorways and urban areas with many sets of traffic lights are also danger spots. Ultimately, fraudsters look for places where it is unlikely and often unsafe for potential witnesses to stop.

  • Major Roundabouts – motorists can be distracted by multiple road signs and signals
  • Small out-of-town roundabouts – fraudsters have an easy escape route and no CCTV
  • Busy motorways – e.g. ‘Hide and crash’ incidents
  • Traffic lights – potential witnesses will be reluctant to stop and help
  • Turning from a side road

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