Penalty charge notices and how to avoid them

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) have been rising by 10% year-on-year according to new research by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles*.

Councils have issued an average of 13,000 parking fines a year since 2015 – highlighting how the rules around loading bays are increasingly unclear for van drivers.

Penalty charge being issued by a warden

How to use loading bays

Legally, van drivers can stop at a loading bay to drop off or collect goods, but, the new statistics reveal, thousands don’t fully understand the rules.

Vehicles can use loading bays to collect or unload goods. A driver cannot just park and leave a van. If unavoidable, leave specific markings as to the intention of leaving the van (through the use of hazards, for example). And, an explanation where the goods are being loaded and unloaded.

Additionally, drivers are not permitted to stop in a loading bay without loading or unloading or to use it to wait for parking. It is also always essential to check the time restrictions within each loading bay as these vary from council to council. Loading bays are not for collecting or dropping off passengers.

Avoid penalty charges with better data management

Avoid penalty and use loading bay correctly

When you are running a fleet keeping on top of these fines can be a problem. Have you thought about smart data management? It can lead to a more efficient, cost-effective and likewise informed fleet.

Switching from manual to digital fleet management helps you to communicate schedules better and improve fleet driver management.

In other words, by automating tasks, you reduce the risk of human error, ensure time efficiency and keep expenses low. Plus, you have full transparency of costs, in particular, driver behaviour, fleet servicing and maintenance costs.

Save on costs with a one-stop solution for all your vehicles

Costs and cost-saving is always a topical issue in vehicle fleet management. Any uncertainty, for example, the possibility of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit puts off any investment plans. However, with Fuel Card Services, you don’t need to spend heavily to offset challenges. We have a free to register online fleet management portal, called My Fleet Solutions.

Whether you run one van or a dozen lorries, My Fleet Solutions gives you access to an indispensable line-up of digitally integrated services. Each of which is geared to make vehicle management simpler, safer, and far more cost-effective.

Keep an eye on drivers’ behaviour

Tele-Gence delivers intelligent fuel management by integrating fuel card and live tracking data, resulting in valuable savings. Intuitive and alert-driven, it offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, vehicle tracking and more – with no long-term commitment.

A service for every fleet challenge

Each vehicle management service on My Fleet Solution is designed to work alone and works even better when combined with others.

Take a look at My Fleet Solutions and make your job easier, your drivers safer, and your business more productive.

*Freedom of Information request, May 2019, 51 Councils contacted and 45 responded

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