Ditch the plastic and manage your cards with Curve

Have you heard about the Curve and the magic it can do for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if managing your money wasn’t a big, stressful, complicated thing?

Well, hello. Have you heard about the Curve app? The app lets you magically use all your current cards through one simple, secure Mastercard.

It’s the only card you need to carry. Nice and simple. And At My Business Advantage, we love using it to manage all our cards through one simple app.

Plus, earn 1% cashback on all purchases from a list of top retailers from Tesco to Netflix, along with transport providers like Trainline and Transport for London.

For your summer holidays this year, there’s no need to sort out cash in the local currency before you go away/ Choose Curve to connect all your cards in one and save on foreign exchange fees across all your spending.

Curve combines all your accounts into one smart card, and one even smarter app, and offers the Mastercard exchange rate, saving you money on hidden bank fees.

With Curve, you get real-time alerts that tell you how much you’ve spent (and in which currency).

We also show you how you’re spending to help you budget. And if you use the wrong card to pay, you can Go Back in Time and change it. You’re in complete control. Brilliant.

Download the app and use the code MBA06 to get £5 absolutely free when you first use your Curve card.

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