Fleet managers can cut costs with My Fleet Solutions

Costs and cost-saving is always a topical issue in vehicle fleet management. Any uncertainty, for example, the possibility of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit puts off any investment plans. However, with Fuel Card Services, you don’t need to spend heavily to offset challenges. We have a free to register online fleet management portal, called My Fleet Solutions.

Save on costs with a one-stop solution for all your vehicles

Whether you run one van or a dozen lorries, My Fleet Solutions gives you access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services. Each of which is geared to make vehicle management simpler, safer, and far more cost-effective.

Count the miles and cut the cost

You can pick and choose which service from My Fleet Solutions will work best for your fleet. For example, is mileage expense claims costing too much?

Tracking mileage can be daunting. Besides, accounting for each journey takes time, is often inaccurate, and risks non-compliance with HMRC. The risk of overclaiming isn’t just unnecessary expense. It risks investigation and penalties. If HMRC finds your records are inaccurate, fines can date back six years.

For this reason, our MileageCount service can help avoid all fines related to mileage records. It is the simplest way to save on mileage expenses. Its smart and straightforward technology tracks every mile of every journey in any vehicle: accurately, reliably, and effortlessly. Integrated software then makes it easy to submit, manage and process your mileage records automatically.

At the same time, as a fleet decision-maker, you must legally stay on top of servicing, licences, tax and insurance. MileageCount saves you from an administration headache and helps you manage all these requirements effortlessly too.

Increase productivity and cut costs

When you are just starting a business investing in new technologies or systems doesn’t happen, unless it’s deemed crucial for business survival.

However, relying on paper-based systems make your list of tasks as a fleet manager longer. Little by little, they add more administrative duties and slow down your processing time.

For this reason, switching from manual to digital fleet management helps you to communicate schedules better and improve fleet driver management.

In other words, by automating tasks, you reduce the risk of human error, ensure time efficiency and keep expenses low. Plus, you have full transparency of costs, in particular, fleet servicing and maintenance costs.

With MyService.Expert, there’s no need to invest in technology heavily. Just register your vehicles for free and gain easy access to a nationwide garage network offering competitive savings on vehicle servicing, maintenance, repairs, and MOTs. It’s a pay-as-you-go. It is accessible from anywhere, and already saving fleets of all sizes up to 30% on parts of and labour.

Fleets and drivers can save on a wide range of other servicing and maintenance work including tyre replacements or repairs. Better still, all of these discounted rates are pre-negotiated to ensure smoother, faster transactions.

Costs are approved online using a secure online system. Manufacturer data and work validate costings is accepted directly with each garage. Users even receive calendar alerts, so they don’t miss crucial servicing and MOT deadlines.

A service for every fleet challenge

Each vehicle management service on My Fleet Solution is designed to work alone and works even better when combined with others.

Take a look at My Fleet Solutions and make your job easier, your drivers safer and your business more productive

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