Go green or go bust – how to track a green strategy

Green is the colour of banknotes. To be more specific, it’s a topic of conversation given by the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. He says companies that don’t have a green strategy “will go bankrupt without question”.

This warning is after conducting a government order given to the Bank of England. It was to assess the readiness of the UK financial system to cope with changes from climate change.

Mr Carney warns the impact of “ignoring” will affect banks and insurance firms. Ultimately, their concerns will have an effect on fleet decision-makers.

What is your green strategy?

Corporate environmental responsibility

We know your concerns and your efforts to increase efficiency, which is why we’re introducing Tele-Gence. Above all, our highly developed telematics tracking software integrates with your organisation. So you can set and measure goals relevant to your fleet. Not only that, this tech will help with your success in a green strategy, fuel costs, maintenance efficiency and duty of care for drivers.

Fully measure your green data

The technology can report, report, and report some more (automatically). Equally importantly, it uses technology to track emissions, idling, and any other measurement you could need to enact and manage a green fleet plan.

You can book a free demo to see how Tele-Gence can work for your fleet.

How will Tele-Gence benefit my business?

Tele-Gence delivers intelligent fuel management by integrating fuel card and live tracking data, resulting in valuable savings. Intuitive and alert-driven, it offers in-depth reporting. For instance, on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, vehicle tracking and more – with no long-term commitment.

Most important of all, Tele-Gence device is small, tamper-free and easy to hide. The telematics software is industry agnostic allowing us to select the right solutions based on the exact requirements for your business. Another distinction, it also gives you frictionless access from anywhere in the Cloud, and support from a UK-based customer service team.

Tele-Gence’s bespoke service saves money by working hard to bring fuel costs down and push MPG up. It immediately reduces costs and adds value, and can improve your fleet’s MPG by up to 20%.

All in all the intelligent fuel management tracking solution, integrates your fuel card data, by using the creation of multi-shaped geo-fences or zones around fuel stations or work sites, for example, to pinpoint, alert, report and manage your fleet efficiently.

A simple alert and view of where refuelling has taken place against vehicle location help tackle, reduce and eventually eliminate fuel fraud. It also reduces unauthorised vehicle use by tracking the vehicle’s movements in non-working hours. Offered with this solution is the capability of monitoring other valuable assets such as trailers or plant equipment using Tele-Gence’s unique heartbeat feature.

Book a demo to see how it all works

Our Tele-Gence fleet management solution gives you around the clock control of the whereabouts of your vehicles. Moreover, it lets you monitor driver behaviour.More specifically, it also reduces accidents and increases driver security. In addition, it tracks expenses and vehicle maintenance and streamlining management processes.

With Tele-Gence, you can advise drivers towards the best and shortest routes, which is provided by the GPS tracking system. Satisfy your customers by informing on delivery status.

Tele-Gence is part of our integrated services for Fuel Card Service cardholders. You can register for support for free at My Fleet Hub a one-stop solution for all your drivers and vehicles.

The culmination of each service is designed to work alone and works even better when combined with others.

Take a closer look at Tele-Gence and book a demo.

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