How to turn website viewers into loyal customers

Connecting at an attentive, individual service level with customers should be more accessible these days. The internet has made it easier for people to find you. However, human reality is at odds with a remote service that is open-all-hours.

One of the critical aspects of a business that impacts on brands is customer service. In the digital economy, markets are much more customer-oriented, against a background of shortened lifecycles for products and increased competition. It’s a challenging environment to keep your reputation high.

How do brands connect with their customers at a meaningful level?

customer happy with her online service

Customer service sits at the heart of a brand. It can be the thing that makes or breaks many smaller brands competing in busy markets.

In an Ombudsmen Services report, 79% of people said they would avoid a brand if they had received poor customer service from it in the past.

Increasingly, smart technology adds a more vivid aspect of personalisation to products. But this means brands must have the kind of customer service to match this.

What happens when a customer is poised to make an online purchase, but they just need that additional reassurance? They are unlikely to want to pick up the phone, especially if they believe that the company will be shut and emailing the company will simply lengthen the process.

The risk is that you will lose the sale. Just as you can lose customer goodwill if you cannot respond adequately to online complaints.

There is a solution that sits between email and the telephone. In fact, it incorporates elements of both in one convenient, customer-friendly package.

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Customer happy with their service

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Outsourced live chat can revolutionise online customer service as it enables customers and prospects to have meaningful contact they crave while providing brands with the tools necessary to manage customer relationships efficiently and cost-effectively.

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