How to make money and trade without any effort

Trade spare capacity and you are guaranteeing to make every bit of your business earn cash. Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, business service or charity cause, this solution can ensure everything, no matter what you’re offering, service or product is yielding 100% of the time.

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Here at Fuel Card Services we’re constantly striving to connect you with new and innovative opportunities. That’s why we’re excited about our partnership with BBX, an expert outsourcing sales and purchasing team.

They are the most significant business community of its type and are offering new customers a free account upgrade worth up to £500 through our business benefits service My Business Advantage.

Certainty customer guarantee. Better cash flow

We’re all busy people, but that doesn’t stop us having spare capacity. Whether that’s too much stock, empty rooms or seats, advertising space, the use of a system or platform or the chance to leverage more of your own time.

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This inconsistency of income from a part of your business is where the BBX trade exchange platform comes in. A BBX Account is a secondary bank account that enables a company to sell otherwise worthless spare capacity, without discounting, to guarantee additional customers provided by the BBX account team.

Nine reasons you should apply

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  • Dedicated account manager
  • Increase market share
  • Interest-free credit facility
  • New customers
  • Improve cash flow
  • Enhance profits
  • Global community
  • Access to BBX rewards
  • Less stress for you

Success spare trade capacity stories from BBX clients

Emma Unsworth – Executive personal assistant to Michael Chittendon, owner of Manor by The Lake, Gloucestershire, and Woodhall Manor, Suffolk

Emma Unsworth – Executive personal assistant to Michael Chittendon, owner of Manor by The Lake, Gloucestershire, and Woodhall Manor, Suffolk, says: “Our two properties are a luxury wedding and conference venues and, like most other hotels, we have unsold rooms from time to time. BBX allows us to market that spare capacity to other clients of the BBX network, turning it into BBX pounds, which we can then use to buy products and services from other BBX clients.”

So, what’s stopping you from becoming a preferred supplier to one of the world’s largest business communities? To speak to the BBX team and find out how joining could work for your business. Just click here and we can arrange a call time with BBX.

Want to speak to someone right away? Call 0333 400 2014 and quote ADVANTAGE.

If that’s not enough then don’t forget to check out the other benefits available on My Business Advantage.

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