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When it comes to engine oil for your fleet, cutting corners to keep costs down for your organisation, might seem like a good idea. But buying the cheapest option – or trying to save money by delaying routine maintenance – can end up being false economy.

Oil change intervals can be anything up to 20,000 miles, the equivalent of driving from London to Sydney and back. Neglecting an oil change after such huge distances might save a few pounds in the short term, but the increased wear and lack of protection from worn out oil will knock mile after mile off the engine’s life and pound after pound off the car’s value.

Understanding the importance of oil in your car

mechanic topping up oil

There is evidence suggesting that many drivers don’t understand the value of oil and the harm of buying cheap. A study of 1,000 UK drivers conducted on behalf of Mobil 1 engine oil has revealed that over two-thirds (65%) of respondents admitted to buying engine oil on price alone. The same number again (64.9%) said the oil hadn’t been changed in their car in the last 12 months, and a further 29% didn’t know whether it had or not.

According to this research less than half (45%) of motorists car’s manufacturer-recommended oil service intervals. More worryingly still, 15% said they will be trying to cut back on car maintenance and servicing in order to save money in the tough economic climate.

Do you know the real cost of cheap oil?

Oil is the hardest working component in your engine; it makes the moving parts move more easily, keeps the hottest areas cool and absorbs harmful and corrosive exhaust fumes. A low oil level or missed oil change is the quickest way to wear an engine out, which not only risks hazardous breakdowns, but can also knock hundreds of pounds off the value of your car

Apart from lubricating the engine, oil has the important job of absorbing harmful by-products given off by the burning fuel. Changing the oil gets rid of these waste products, but miss an oil change, and the oil becomes saturate and cannot absorb any more, so the by-products start to damage the engine, forming sludge to block the oil passageways and increasing engine wear by eating away at the metal.

Don’t wait for the red light warning

mechaics doing an oil change under a jig

Advanced engine technology means today’s cars are exceptionally reliable and can go further than ever between trips to the workshop. That’s good news for drivers, but means it is more important than ever to check engine oil regularly and top it up if necessary. Failure to do so – or waiting until a dashboard oil warning sign is illuminates the dashboard – may mean motorists are taking a real risk with the health of their vehicle.

When an oil change light comes on, it’s possible that lasting damage has been happening in your engine. Or the oil pressure in your engine may have dropped meaning either there isn’t enough oil in the system or the oil pump isn’t circulating enough lubricant to keep the critical surfaces lubricated.

Engine oil levels usually drop because the fluid is leaking or finding its way into the combustion process. This means the remaining oil in the engine has to work harder, becoming dirtier and has a shorter useful life. The result is compromising vehicle performance. The consequences of running your engine with lower than optimum oil levels can be expensive and dramatic, with increased component wear, increased fuel usage, engine over-heating and even total mechanical seizure all possibilities.

Expert support from MyService.Expert

At Fuel Card Services, we make the whole process of vehicle responsibility easier. We have built up a network of garages that offer the best in terms of quality, standards, and customer service and call it MyService.Expert.
Our relationship with these dealer groups means we can offer you a full choice of service with top garages who have made genuine investment in delivering high standards of service through the hands of highly-skilled technicians.

It is simple to join

At MyService.Expert it is free to register your vehicles, plus you get many more benefits.

The benefits of joining MyService.Expert

Here is how it works: One of your vehicles is due for a service. MyService.Expert will send you an alert, then provide discounted costs from garages near you. You compare and select. We pay the garage and then invoice you. Easy.

The benefits of joining do not end there: Fuel Card Services’ partnership with these experts means you typically save 30% on work in comparison to going direct to a franchise dealer

There is no joining fee, and no minimum contract to register your vehicles online. In addition there is no minimum number of cars, vans or HGVs that can be added.

Simplify your vehicle maintenance by booking work via the online portal. Here you can job authorise and pre-negotiate discount rates that cover servicing, repairs and maintenance. It also includes tyre replacement or repairs

The costings are transparent, based upon thorough working knowledge and up-to-date automotive data. Plus all genuine parts and repairs are protected under warranty.

All costs need your online approval before work begins. Doing this action is easy, MyService.Expert is accessible anywhere and at anytime on a WiFi connected device.

Just like your Fuel Card Services provides visible costings to keeping your business moving with fuel; think of MyService.Expert as your vehicle maintenance expense solution.

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