Reversing bad fortunes with My Fleet Solutions

Executing tricky parking manoeuvres. Dodging potholes. Avoiding dangerous drivers or just reversing around corners: here are a few examples of drivers’ day-to-day precarious reversing encounters. It’s inevitable an accident will happen.

A lady reversing a forklift truck

According to research from the Department for Transport reversing accidents remains an on-going issue for van drivers. It reports 1,152 parking and reversing accidents reported in 2017. These accounted for nearly 10% of all light good vehicle accidents for the year. As a result, more than three vans a day have a reversing accident.

A reversing or parking prang can easily cause damage to vehicles and disruption. For the most part, you can’t use the van for work while it is repairing off road, and your insurance premiums are taking a hit. In addition, scruffy looking vehicles also project a poor image to customers – you want your vans to look as good as your work.

Man fixing a dent made by a reversing vehicle

In addition, the time spent away from work is as damaging as the costly repairs. The Association for British Insurers previously estimated average vehicle repair costs have risen by more than a third since 2013. In summary, the average repair bill following an accident is at £2,137.

Reversing those fleet management problems

At Fuel Card Services we have a solution, we call it My Fleet Solutions. Whether you run one van or a dozen lorries, My Fleet Solutions gives you 24/7 access to an indispensable line-up of integrated services developed to make looking after each vehicle simpler, safer, and far more cost-effective.

For example MyInsurance.Expert can source fleet insurance quotes for free, no obligation. In the first place, our experts can negotiate significant discounts and introduce dedicated quotes for all vehicle cover probabilities. These include mixed fleet insurance, HGV specialised insurance, employer’s liability insurance, product and public liability insurance and goods in transit. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA licence number 759713) authorises and regulates this service.

We have a network of garages that offer the best for quality standards, and customer service.We call it MyService.Expert. Our relationship with these dealer groups means we can offer you a full choice of service with top garages who have made genuine investment in delivering high standards of service through the hands of highly-skilled technicians.

It’s simple to join, visit the service you require and register for free. Once the details of your vehicles are in place, you will be able to manage your services on a dashboard through My Fleet Hub.

Each service is designed to work alone, and works even better when combined with others. Take a closer look at My Fleet Soltions now. You’ve nothing to lose except the cost and hassle of not using it!

Look closer at reducing managing the costs, compliance, maintenance, emission control, duty of care and admin for all your commercial vehicles with My Fleet Solutions.

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