Never miss that vital call again with Rubix Response

How annoying it is to miss a call because you’ve been in a meeting or on the other line? Especially when you know that missing a call might mean missing a sale.

businessman missing a call

On the other hand, how annoying it is when the call you pick up is just a nuisance cold caller who will try and waste your valuable time trying to sell their product.

When you are trying to grow and run your own business we are guessing you recognise both these scenarios.

At Fuel Card Services we have just the solution for you. Through our company savings service My Business Advantage, we’re excited to introduce Rubix Response to our growing list of benefits.

Rubix Response is an inbound answering service for phone or web enquiries.

men answering calls

They are not a call centre but a collective of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals striving to help small businesses with their inbound communications.

With Rubix Response onboard to manage your inbound calls you have a partner that will give you more time to plan how your business grows.

Each operative in the Rubix Response team will learn all about your business by understanding the unique selling point and objectives in order to maximise your communication in every inbound call.

Do you know about these business call numbers?

  • 7/10 of callers hang up without leaving a message if no one answers first time
  • 69% of callers will not deal with a business that does not answer their first call
  • 85% of callers will not call back if they were not spoken to on their first attempt

Request a call back from a dedicated Rubix Response team member today and discuss the exclusive My Business Advantage discounted packages!

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