The damaging high-costs of potholes

This summer the weather has been hitting the tarmac with all its heat and rain. These fluctuating temperatures are just the right ingredients for creating the great scourge of the highways, byways and slip roads. Otherwise known as potholes.

Were you aware that the bill to UK motorist for repairing pothole damage has skyrocketed? It has reached a total of more than £1billion, according to recent research published in the motoring service industry.

Potholes have been causing damage to more than 11 million vehicles due to poor road conditions over the last year. The cost has reached a staggering £1.21billion – an increase of £296million (32%) compared to the year before.

Car driving over a pothole

This increase is continuing a worrying trend – in the year ending March 2016, the equivalent total bill was £684million, meaning that the cost of damage reported by motorists has risen by 77% in just three years.

Almost a third of drivers who have hit a pothole in the last year had their car damaged by the impact, with the most common repairs being to tyres (5.9 million), suspension (3.8 million), wheels (3.7 million), steering (1.7 million), bodywork (1.3 million) and exhaust (1.2 million). 17% of motorists estimate they hit more than 30 potholes over the course of just one month – an average of one a day.

Potholes are a problem for road menders too

road builders mending a pothole

It’s not just drivers who are suffering the road laying industry are also keenly aware of the problem. The annual ALARM report published by the Asphalt Industry Alliance states while a 20% increase in funds for road networks is welcome and will halt further decline, the one-off catch-up cost to fix UK roads will only continue to rise.

The ALARM report also reveals that just £6.9million has been paid by local authorities to compensate those affected by potholes despite the bill to motorists topping more than £1billion.

Meanwhile, potholes are the modern-day Dick Turpin to drivers, you can guarantee potholes will and do damage not only your vehicle but your organisation’s pocket too. Sometimes that damage isn’t always immediately noticeable so your drivers should give their vehicle a thorough check when they do hit a pothole. Damage can also often be internal so any concerns about the vehicle should have a closer ramp inspection.

At Fuel Card Services, we would encourage drivers to not simply leave it to the annual MOT to check on any internal damage.

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