Risky business: are your drivers doing a bad job?

Are your drivers doing a bad job? Tailgating is more likely to cause a crash than speeding, drink-driving or bad weather.

The Department for Transport.figures report “following too close” is top ranking for triggering collisions.

In total, there were reports of 4,256 accidents of vehicles “following too close” causing 6,184 injuries, including 19 fatalities. Eight per cent of these cases involved light commercial vehicles – equal to 10 injuries per week.

Vans driving on A-roads are most susceptible to accidents with 55% of all tailgating incidents happening on these routes. Drivers found guilty of tailgating face a £100 fine and three penalty points. In the worst cases, tailgating can result in a prison sentence if a serious collision occurs as a result.

Bad drivers cost money

As well as causing injuries, these accidents force vans off the road for costly repairs. Downtime costs fleets an average of £550 a day per van. UK car repair bills stand at an average of £2,137.

Of course this kind of accident is completely avoidable, using basic defensive driving techniques and the ‘two second rule’.

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart, said: “Tailgating is the biggest bugbear that motorway users report. Surveys suggest almost half of drivers feel scared and get angry about it. Keeping your distance means you can observe what is happening around and ahead. It gives you time to react to the unexpected.

“Rear-end shunts cause massive hold ups and delay deliveries so it is in everyone’s interest that drivers leave a safe space in front of them. If the space fills create a new one – it will only add seconds to a journey. If you tailgating is happening to you, never overreact as that will only inflame the situation; stay in control and let them pass.”

How to track a bad driver

To combat the problem in your fleet, we have Tele-Gence. Unlike other tracking units ours not only delivers on monitoring your drivers behaviour, it eliminates fraud too.

You can book a free demo to see how Tele=Gence can work for your fleet.

Tele-Gence delivers intelligent fuel management by integrating fuel card and live tracking data, resulting in valuable savings. Intuitive and alert-driven, it offers in-depth reporting on pump pricing, driver behaviour, fuel fraud, vehicle tracking and more – with no long-term commitment.

How does a small device stop a big, bad driver?

Tele-Gence device is small, and easy to hide, and cannot be tampered with. The telematic software is industry agnostic allowing us to select the right solutions based on the exact requirements for your business. It also gives you frictionless access from anywhere in the Cloud, and support from a UK-based customer service team.

Tele-Gence’s bespoke service saves money by working hard to bring fuel costs down and push MPG up. It immediately reduces costs and adds value, and can improve your fleet’s MPG by up to 20%.

The intelligent fuel management tracking solution, integrates your fuel card data, by using the creation of multi-shaped geo-fences or zones around fuel stations or work sites, for example, to pinpoint, alert, report and manage your fleet easily.

A simple alert and view of where refuelling has taken place against vehicle location help tackle, reduce and eventually eliminate fuel fraud. It also reduces unauthorised vehicle use, by tracking the vehicle’s movements in non-working hours. Offered with this solution is the capability of monitoring other valuable assets such as trailers or plant equipment using Tele-Gence’s unique heartbeat feature.

Book a demo to see how it all works

Our Tele-Gence fleet management solution gives you around the clock control of the whereabouts of your assets; and, lets you monitor driver behaviour, it also reduces accidents and increases driver security, while tracking expenses and vehicle maintenance and streamlining management processes.

With Tele-gence vehicle tracking and telematics device, you can advise drivers towards the best and shortest routes, which is provided by the GPS tracking system. Satisfy your customers by informing on delivery status.

Tele-Gence is part of our integrated services for Fuel Card Service cardholders which you can register for support for free at My Fleet Hub a one-stop solution for all your drivers and vehicles.

Each service is designed to work alone, and works even better when combined with others.

Take a closer look at Tele-Gence and book a demo.

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