How to keep an eye on hardworking van drivers

Van drivers contribute up to 11% of GDP, That’s official. This week, a report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) confirms the extent we depend on vans.

The report, Light Commercial Vehicles: Delivering for the UK Economy, highlights the contribution of 3.4 million van drivers amounts to £56 billion.

It is an industry spent focusing on others – from parcel and delivery couriers, weekly groceries, service engineers and facility management are all spent focused on benefitting others.

Looking after your van drivers

Van driver looking anxious

As a fleet manager, you were already aware of the hard work you and your drivers contribute. But at what cost?

Busy schedules, working long hours and regularly being away from home could be contributing to a lack of self-care. We think it’s time that more self-care is taken.

So too does Mercedes-Benz vans’ business barometer research. It found two out of five van drivers and operators have only been to the doctors once, in the past year. While of course not everyone is ill and needs to visit a doctor. This does feel, from the 2,000 survey responses, that the van community isn’t taking care of itself.

Eating healthier lunches and snacks could be a start. The research says three out of every five (61%) van drivers confess to not eating fruit or veg every day.

The number one reason is because it is too expensive to do so (41%). Over a third (33%) said they have to add significant time onto their journey to find healthy food options.

It is important to prioritise health. Especially for men who often ignore niggling problems or hope they might get better on their own. Unhidden they may have a concern around stress or anxiety levels. Drivers do have to take care of themselves, but as employers you can take care of them while they work.

How to look after your van drivers

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