The fast and the future-ous: garage expectations of service

In the future, ultra-connected cars will mean diagnosing car conundrums could be as easy as the car itself telling the engineer what the issue is – sometimes even before anything has gone wrong.

Recently Direct Line insurance group, Thatcham Research and other vehicle industry experts safety teamed up to predict the garage of the future that will include innovations such as holograms, robotic assistants and ultra-connected car diagnostics.

The future-forward thinking group predicted that by 2050 a garage would become more like a laboratory than a workshop.

In addition, holograms will assist mechanics in accurately repairing car problems. Virtual reality technology will be built into vehicles to enable drivers to fix minor problems at the roadside with assistance from professional mechanics remotely.

A look at a future garage in 2050

The top innovations experts predict the following will be a reality in auto repair centres by 2050:

  • Holographic and augmented reality (AR) technology
  • Advanced robotics to assist with manoeuvring and adjustment of vehicles
  • 3D printing of car parts to improve turnaround time for repairs
  • Ultra-connected workshops
  • Hyper clean work areas akin to laboratories
  • Self-diagnosing cars
  • Video communication technology for mechanics to speak with customers
  • Advanced laser welding
  • Space saving car storage
  • Innovative staff training areas for mechanics to learn as technology evolves
  • Mobile electric charging stations to keep vehicles batteries in peak condition

The future garage is MyService.Expert

Garage expert

It all sounds like our vehicle maintenance wishes for convenience are being taken care of in the future; but what about now? What do you hope for from a garage in 2019?

The obvious answer: ‘good service’. However, the reality is never as easy as ‘the obvious answer’, when making vehicle maintenance decisions. That’s because finding good service is elusive to many fleet owners and managers. You want service, repair, MOT or fixing, but more often it’s a bit more complicated than that – the parts needs delivering, you have to return for a second time to fix a fault or at worse you get ripped off.

There is hope because the service of the near future is here for Fuel Card Service customers, fleet owners and managers with MyService.Expert.

We have built up a network of garages that offer the best in terms of quality, standards, and customer service. Our relationship with these dealer groups means we can offer you a full choice of service with top garages who have made a genuine investment in delivering high standards of service through the hands of highly-skilled technicians.

It is simple to join

At MyService.Expert it is free to register your vehicles, plus you get many more benefits.

Here is how it works: One of your vehicles is due to service. MyService.Expert will send you an alert, then provide discounted costs from garages near you. You compare and select. We pay the garage and then invoice you. Easy.

The benefits of joining do not end there: Fuel Card Services’ partnership with these experts means you typically save 30% on work in comparison to going direct to a franchise dealer.

There is no joining fee, and no minimum contract to register your vehicles online. In addition, there is no minimum number of cars, vans or HGVs that can be added.

Simplify your vehicle maintenance by booking work via the online portal. Here you can job authorise and pre-negotiate discount rates that cover servicing, repairs and maintenance. It also includes tyre replacement or repairs

The costings are transparent, based upon thorough working knowledge and up-to-date automotive data. Plus all genuine parts and repairs are protected under warranty.

All costs need your online approval before work begins. Doing this action is easy, MyService.Expert is accessible anywhere and at any time on a WiFi connected device.

Just like your Fuel Card Services provides visible costings to keeping your business moving with fuel; think of MyService.Expert as your vehicle maintenance expense solution.

Visit MyService.Expert today or call 0844 134 0746.

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