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At last, temperatures are rising, and it’s time to swap cold weather tyres for the summer’s rubber cover. It’s not a cheap exercise but a necessary one to ensure your drivers stay on the road safely.

These costs can be offset because of the reduced wear on both sets of tyres. This means the cost of replacements is spread out over a much longer period.

Safety is the most important aspect of tyres management. At MyService.Expert we make this easy for you and help you save on costs too. Find out how your drivers can continue to keep costs down and safety up with visual checks.

Tyres under pressure?

Garage mechanic checks tyres

The correct air pressure is the most crucial element, and one that is often overlooked by drivers. Incorrect air pressure has a major effect on a tyre’s rolling resistance, which affects acceleration, braking, cornering, fuel consumption and emissions – almost every facet of the way a vehicle behaves.

The correct air pressure for a vehicle’s tyres are in the handbook and this will also explain what air pressure the tyres should be inflated to for different driving conditions, such as high speed motorway or urban driving.

An under-inflated tyre is the most dangerous situation to leave unattended. This is because an under-inflated tyre will run hot due to friction and it will be more prone to a blow-out.

Obviously, this can seriously impact on a fleet driver’s ability to travel safely to a destination within the required time. There is also the added problem that an unexpected blow-out can lead to a vehicle being off the road.

In this situation MyService.Expert can help source the nearest garage for tyre replacement and through the online portal, you can approve the costs remotely at the click of a button.

Tyres-less visual checks

Garage mechanic checks tyres o a jig

Drivers should take time to look at the wheel valves too as they can let the tyre deflate slowly over time if they have been incorrectly fitted, become damaged or worn through age.

More importantly, the rubber needs to be examined. Look for damage to the tread and sidewalls, anything that may cause a puncture and check the tyre is wearing evenly across its whole width.

The legal minimum tread depth for a tyre in the UK is 1.6mm across three quarters of the width of the tread, which you can check either with a tyre depth gauge or simply by looking at the wear indicators moulded in between the treads of the tyres itself.

Uneven tyre wear can result in police action if the car is found to be beyond safe limits, meaning a possible three penalty points and a minimum fine of £2,500 per tyre

The correct tyre for the job sounds obvious, but it can often be overlooked if a company fleet is looking to save money.

But is it really? Data shows the difference between the best and worst tyres can be as much as 7.5% in fuel economy.

Automate fleet savings with MyService.Expert

MyService.Expert can source the best price for the best tyres at no extra cost. It’s free to register your vehicles, plus you get many more benefits.

Here is how it works: One of your vehicles is due to service. MyService.Expert will send you an alert, then provide discounted costs from garages near you. You compare and select. We pay the garage and then invoice you. Easy.

MyService.Expert is a free service for Fuel Card Services customers. We have a nationwide garage network of manufacturer-approved parts and vetted mechanics ready on call.

The benefits of joining do not end there: Fuel Card Services’ partnership with these experts means you typically save 30% on work in comparison to going direct to a franchise dealer.

There is no joining fee, and no minimum contract to register your vehicles online. In addition there is no minimum number of cars, vans or HGVs that can be added.

Simplify your vehicle maintenance by booking work via the online portal. Here you can job authorise and pre-negotiate discount rates that cover servicing, repairs and maintenance. It also includes tyre replacement or repairs.

The costings are transparent, based upon thorough working knowledge and up-to-date automotive data. Plus all genuine parts and repairs are protected under warranty.

All costs need your online approval before work begins. Doing this action is easy, MyService.Expert is accessible anywhere and at anytime on a WiFi connected device.

Just like your Fuel Card Services provides visible costings to keeping your business moving with fuel; think of MyService.Expert as your vehicle maintenance expense solution.

Visit MyService.Expert today or call 0844 134 0746.

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