Profile review your business for good ratings

Profile reviews often associate with prospecting future partners or clients. Have you thought about your own company credit report? Do you understand why this is so vital to your organisation’s success?

It’s simple…whether you’re applying for finance with a lender. Or getting credit with another business. Or competing in a tender process.Or simply trying to get a good deal on your business mobile contract. Your company credit score will most likely play a role.

Small medium enterprises are particularly vulnerable to economic changes, so a strong credit score can help you to access the right type of finance for your business during difficult times. Particularly the uncertain times bought on by Brexit.

Don’t always assume that your positive personal credit score will be reflected in your company credit score. While suppliers may initially consider your personal credit score, once you start paying bills and get your company running, it’ll be your company credit score they look at.

Profile review your company credit score

Having a positive company credit score could help your company achieve more competitive loan rates and terms.

It’s why My Business Advantage has partnered with Experian and their My Business Profile service.

It means you can view and monitor your company credit report. You can see where your business stands right now, avoiding any nasty surprises. In addition, find details published about you, correct any mistakes and raise your credit score

It’s as easy to understand as it’s comprehensive in its detail so you know you’re getting the full picture. Try for free for three months; plus, there’s a 50% discount for all our members.

My Business Profile is part of My Business Advantage and by registering for free you gain access to further comprehensive support to help you run your business. With opportunities for growth and learning, there are advantages for your business and your staff, including some personal perks as well.

My Business Advantage is a benefit you can access by visiting – a one-stop solution portal offering an indispensable line-up of integrated services, developed to support your business.

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