Help with all your fleet vehicle needs

Making sure you are not paying over the odds for vehicle management is the aim of the team at My Fleet Solutions. We can save you time, hassle and unnecessary expense through our extensive contacts and industry knowledge.

From the fuel you put in the car, to service and fixing the vehicle, My Fleet Solutions has the right answers. For example, we can get in touch with service, maintenance and repair experts. In particular, we can source a great quote for the right vehicle insurance. In addition, we can provide a flexible telematics monitoring system. Moreover, even find support for dealing with accident management. So, if your vehicles need it, you’ll find all the answers at My Fleet Solutions.

Save on fuel costs

Our Fuel Card Services offers fuel discounts from the pump. As a result, you benefit from fixed weekly pricing and better control of your fuel costs.

Keeping track of journeys

Did you know that a telematic system improves safety, efficiency and saves you money? With this purpose in mind, we offer our own telematics service: Tele-Gence.

Our device reports fuel card data and live tracking data. This enables in-depth reporting on fuel fraud, pump pricing, driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and much more, geared to your exact fleet requirements.

Servicing, maintenance and repair costs

Keeping cars, vans and business vehicles on the road is expensive. Let us source you the very best deals on servicing and maintenance for all makes and models. MyService.Expert has a network of manufacturer approve dealers ready to assist with fleet servicing, maintenance and repairs. As a result, we can take the sting out of your automotive costs.

Covering fleet insurance

Our team at MyInsurance.Expert specialise in commercial vehicle and business insurance. Consequently, we can cover for one vehicle or have a fleet of vehicles, need goods in transit cover or employers’ liability. Simply register your organisation’s needs and one of our members can help achieve the best deal for you.

Accident claims management

Let our accident management experts, Amber:Assist, guide you through all your options in the event of an accident involving an insurance claim be it your driver’s fault or a non-fault claim. Stay on top of smart repairs or accident damage with expert assistance on which body shop is the most appropriate and pay fleet rates for repairs.

In short, if you’re looking for the best deals for your fleet, and a stress-free working day, there is only one place to find everything: My Fleet Solutions.

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